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The dangerous statue “Huynh Or town star Tam” and the end of the two emperors

The ancients revealed that, if people obey the Way of Heaven and act, then God will appear lucky and auspicious things. At that time, the rain will be favorable, the crops will be bountiful and the country will be peaceful, the people will live in peace. On the contrary, if people do things that are against the Way of God and commit bad deeds, then God will bring down bad omens and strange phenomena. At that time, the weather will be arid, drought or flood, natural disaster, the country will have a mutiny, people will live in chaos and misery.

In addition, the ancients also believed that the celestial statue was a warning from Heaven for people, especially the Emperor. If the Emperor could come to his senses, thereby correcting his shortcomings in virtue or governing the country, then natural disasters would quickly disappear. This incident can be seen a lot in the history books. Below is a story about the fate of two monarchs corresponding to the dangerous celestial statue “Huynh Or town star Tam”.

Dangerous statue


Correcting virtue prolongs yang life

In the Dai Viet historical records, there is a record of the words of Lai Bo, the servant of Lang Nhan Linh, the servant of Luu Dinh Chat, who presented it to Binh An king Trinh Tung like this: “Thinking that, when heaven brings disaster or bestows good omens, it is due to virtue or not. If you do good, you will see good omens; if you do bad things, you will be warned by strange ears. However, if people are unlucky enough to correct their virtues, it won’t do any harm. Therefore, the ancients used heaven to treat themselves and respected the destiny of heaven. Han Van De knew that all changes were made in accordance with God’s will. Song Canh Cong said a good sentence, but why did the bad recede?”

This quote mentions the story of Tong Canh Cong correcting his virtues to prolong his life, which is a well-known and widely recorded incident in ancient times. Luu Huong’s “New Confessions” of Luu Huong recorded this story as follows:

In the Spring and Autumn period, when Song Canh Cong was king of the Song state, in the 37th year, there appeared the celestial statue of Huynh Or town star Tam, that is, the phenomenon of Mars (the master of the army) intruding into the range of Tam Tuc Tinh. very bad omen. Song Canh Cong was afraid of heaven, worried in his heart, and called Zi Wei to ask: “Huynh Or town star Tam represents what?”

Tu Vi says: “Huynh either represents divine retribution. Disaster will apply to the body of the Song monarch. However, it is possible to transfer Huynh Or into the body of the prime minister.”

Tong Canh Cong says: “The prime minister is a talented man who governs the country, if he moves into his body, he will die. Can not. This lady will bear it on her own.”

Tu Vi says: “It is also possible to transfer into the body of the centenary”.

Tong Canh Cong says: “If I die, what is the point of being a king? I wish I could die alone.”

Tu Vi says: “So we can move on to the results of next year’s harvest.”

Tong Canh Cong says: “If the next year’s harvest is not good, the people will starve to death. Because of the king’s desire to kill his own people is too arbitrary, who still considers me a monarch? This lady’s life has come to an end, you don’t need to say it anymore.”

Tu Vi knelt down and said: “Vi god has the courage to congratulate the king. Heaven above can certainly hear his words. Great King three times said kind words, heaven will definitely reward him three times. Tonight, the star image will change three times, and the king’s life will be extended by twenty-one years.”

An old man has a saying: “People are doing, God is watching”, that night, the star image did indeed move three times just like horoscope said. People think that Tong Canh Cong is born with good thoughts and virtuous virtues that touch the heart of the heavens. Thanks to that, the Song country was able to avoid the great disaster.

The celestial statue of Huynh Or town star Tam appeared again at the end of the Western Han Dynasty. The destruction of the Western Han Dynasty began to show signs from the time of Emperor Hieu Thanh. Emperor Hieu Thanh is considered a prodigal emperor. During the reign of Emperor Hieu Thanh, he was famous for having many strange celestial objects. In Tu Tri Thong Giam, the famous historical book of Sima Quang, records the late history of the Western Han Dynasty in great detail.

Right after Emperor Hieu Thanh ascended the throne, in August of that year appeared two moons above and below each other. Not long after a flood appeared, the Kim dike of the Yellow River broke. Tu Tri Thong Giam recorded that the country “submerged all 4 districts and 32 districts, flooded 150,000 fields of fields, three feet deep; Government offices, epidemic stations, and people’s houses all broke down nearly 40,000 roofs.”. In 26 BC, at the same time, there was an earthquake in Kien Vi district, and the dyke of the Yellow River broke again. By 17 BC, the Yellow River was again “submerged 31 districts, hamlets, mandarins and more than 40,000 houses in ruins”, but Emperor Hieu Thanh did not allow the broken dike to be filled. In addition to water disasters, heavy rains and droughts also occurred during the reign of Emperor Hieu Thanh.

If you browse through the records in Tu Tri Thong Giam about Emperor Hieu Thanh, the eclipses are especially numerous. In addition, all kinds of celestial objects compete with each other. In 22 BC, in March, 8 meteorites fell in the Eastern District. In 19 BC, in May, there were 3 meteorites falling in Do Biao district… The shrines and places of worship under Emperor Hieu Thanh also had many fires. Even in 14 BC, at Cam Tuyen palace, a whirlwind knocked down the bow of worship made of bamboo, and more than a hundred large and older trees were broken and uprooted.

In 10 BC, Lieutenant General Luu Huong discussed: “…where the Han Dynasty started, now mountains and rivers dry up, comets pass through Nie De, Dai Giac, from Sao Sam to Sao Than, I’m afraid something will happen to the country!” In 9 BC, two meteorites fell in the Guandong region.

Although Emperor Hieu Thanh had many people to intervene, he also left it open for his subjects to send letters, but after listening to it, even touched it, but in the end, it was nowhere to be found. Basically, Emperor Hieu Thanh could not correct his lewd behavior. Finally, in 7 BC, the dangerous celestial statue Huynh Or town star Tam appeared.

From ancient records, the court was extremely worried about this. Another old history book mentioned that Zi Wei said “can transfer Huynh Or into the body of the prime minister”so someone sent a letter to Prime Minister Trach Phuong Tien, asking the Prime Minister to die in place of the Emperor to respond to the dangerous statue.

In the palace, the mandarin Bi Le sent a letter, telling Emperor Hieu Thanh that the great minister should take the burden on behalf of the lord. Emperor Hieu Thanh summoned Phuong Tien to talk about it. Phuong Tien came out from the palace, before he could commit suicide, Emperor Hieu Thanh immediately issued a letter to scold Phuong Tien for not properly managing the affairs, causing natural disasters to come. That day, Phuong Tien committed suicide.

After Phuong Tien committed suicide, Emperor Hieu Thanh kept his affairs a secret, and at the same time gave generous gifts, he personally visited Phuong Tien, more than usual.

However, in 7 BC, Emperor Hieu Thanh was in the middle of the night of the Dog and wanted to put on his coat and stand up “Suddenly the shirt fell from my hand, my mouth could not speak”, then tape. This Emperor’s body was originally strong and healthy, and there was no disease, but he did not escape the celestial image.

It could be said that all the things Emperor Hieu Thanh did was just “Lie God in the end deceived me” never mind. Sima Quang discussed about Emperor Hieu Thanh: “Hieu Thanh wants to lie to God, to deceive people but in the end it doesn’t work, can be called a person who does not understand the destiny of heaven.”

Emperor Hieu Thanh was immoral, leading to rare children. But for the love of Trieu Phi Yen, he secretly killed his biological child with Trieu Phi Yen. This story was not until Emperor Hieu Ai ascended to the throne that a mandarin submitted a letter to report the matter. Emperor Hieu Thanh due to not having a son to succeed him, the Han dynasty was in turmoil, finally after only a few generations of young Emperors, Wang Mang relied on his relationship with the Empress Dowager to control all, destroy the Western Han Dynasty, establish so the Tan.

The dangerous symbol represents the transformation of the celestial object, corresponding to the good fortune of man. However, the blessing is due to the choice of each person. Heaven and earth use the change of celestial objects to warn the world, stand in front of an accident, and consider every human concept. If a person chooses the good, his destiny will change for the better. If people can’t correct their virtues, then it’s useless no matter what they do.

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