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The US made many proposals to ASEAN on maritime security and clean energy

The United States announced it will provide $40 million for clean energy infrastructure development, $60 million to strengthen maritime cooperation, and $150 million to implement the Future of Health initiative for the ASEAN region.

Afternoon 13.5 local time (morning 14.5 Hanoi time), Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and leaders of ASEAN countries attended the official working sessions of the ASEAN-US Special Summit.

Compete in a healthy and responsible manner

Working sessions include a meeting between ASEAN leaders and the President Joe Biden; Discussion session between ASEAN leaders and Vice President Harris on maritime security and prevention Covid-19 and a session with cabinet ministers on climate change response, clean energy transition and sustainable infrastructure.

Leaders of the countries discussed maritime security, disease control and economic recovery, response to climate change and regional and global issues.

US leaders have announced many proposals and initiatives for cooperation with ASEAN. The US will invest 40 million USD to finance the development of clean energy infrastructure, spend 60 million USD to strengthen maritime cooperation, 150 million USD to implement the ASEAN-US Health Future initiative, and assist ASEAN to improve the quality of life. capacity to respond to climate change, infrastructure development and 70 million USD for programs educationpeople-to-people exchanges…

The US made many proposals to ASEAN on maritime security and clean energy - Photo 1

President Joe Biden (right) chairs a meeting with leaders of ASEAN countries

Yang Jiang

ASEAN leaders thank the US for proactive support Covid-19. ASEAN countries expect the US to continue supporting ASEAN’s pandemic prevention and control initiatives.

Assess the situation world As the region continues to undergo complicated developments with many new challenges arising, ASEAN and the US affirm their close coordination to contribute to maintaining peace, security and stability in the region, including security and safety. and freedom of navigation and overflight in the South China Sea.

The US affirms its support for ASEAN’s stance on the East Sea, welcomes ASEAN to promote cooperation, dialogue and confidence-building in the region, and strives to build an effective, efficient and appropriate COC. with international law, UNCLOS 1982.

Regarding the situation in Myanmar, the countries called for restraint, reducing tensions and violence, ensuring people’s safety, promoting a sense of responsibility, fully implementing ASEAN’s 5-point consensus, and welcomed the The ASEAN Chairman’s efforts to support Myanmar in stabilizing the situation soon and finding sustainable solutions to current problems.

Discussing the situation in Ukraine, the parties called for restraint, maintaining dialogue efforts to find a lasting solution on the basis of compliance with international law and taking into account the legitimate interests of the parties, and at the same time ensuring ensure the safety of civilians. The countries emphasized the observance of the basic principles of the United Nations Charter and international law, the peaceful settlement of disagreements and disputes.

At a meeting with President Joe Biden, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh Thank you for the respectful and warm welcome of the US. Looking back over the past 45 years, ASEAN-US cooperation has made great strides, making important contributions to promoting dialogue, building trust, and maintaining peace, security, stability and development in the region. area.

Facing the current complicated and unpredictable fluctuations of the international and regional situation, the Prime Minister emphasized the need to continue promoting sincere dialogue on the basis of trust and responsibility, solidarity and cooperation. , control disagreements, uphold the law, contribute to the realization of a world of peace, stability, cooperation and prosperous development.

The Prime Minister expressed his hope that major countries, ASEAN’s partners, can stabilize their relations, compete in a healthy and responsible manner, and at the same time contribute to the region in the spirit of transparency. building, respecting ASEAN’s central role, fully consulting with ASEAN, respecting international law, contributing to peace, security and stability in the region and the world.

Vietnam reaffirmed ASEAN’s principled stance on the East Sea, emphasizing the peaceful settlement of all disputes and differences on the basis of international law, including the 1982 UNCLOS. The Prime Minister welcomed the opponents. Cooperate to support ASEAN to fully and effectively implement the DOC, develop an effective and efficient COC Code of Conduct, in accordance with international law and UNCLOS 1982.

Proposing the US to transfer vaccine production technology

At the discussion session on maritime security and Covid-19 prevention, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh welcomed the US initiatives to strengthen maritime cooperation with the region. The Prime Minister also emphasized that all countries, including ASEAN countries and the US, share the importance and interests in ensuring peace, stability, security, safety, freedom of navigation and overflight in Vietnam. The East Sea, the world’s lifeline of maritime trade.

The US made many proposals to ASEAN on maritime security and clean energy - Photo 2

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh speaks at the US-ASEAN Special Summit

Duong Giang

The Prime Minister thanked the US for supporting Vietnam to effectively cope with the pandemic, including providing vaccines for Vietnam.

Introducing Vietnam’s achievements in epidemic control and economic recovery, the Prime Minister emphasized building a global approach in solving global problems. The Prime Minister also emphasized that the pandemic has affected the entire people, so it is necessary to have a people-wide approach, consider the health and lives of the people as the top priority and put the people as the center and subject in the response to the pandemic. translate and promote recovery.

The Prime Minister suggested the US continue to help ASEAN countries in disease prevention and control, especially Technology transfer in the production of vaccines and therapeutic drugs, improving the medical capacity and quality of medical human resources; at the same time, support ASEAN countries and Vietnam to pay attention to, care for and assist disadvantaged groups affected by Covid-19.

Speaking at a meeting on climate change response, clean energy transition and sustainable infrastructure between ASEAN leaders and cabinet ministers chaired by Vice President Harris, the Prime Minister hoped the US would implement it. effective cooperation within the framework of the Mekong-US Partnership, contributing to ensuring development quality, supporting equitable and sustainable development.

The Prime Minister also praised the efforts of countries to cooperate in responding to climate change, through economic structural transformation, application of scientific and technical advances, development of renewable energy, and promotion of transformation. clean energy, building high-quality infrastructure, towards green and sustainable development.

At the end of the conference, the leaders of the countries adopted a Joint Vision Statement, reflecting the results achieved in the past 45 years and setting future directions.

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