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Vietnam Airlines is not allowed to delay the deadline for submitting financial statements

The Securities and Exchange Commission requested Vietnam Airlines to urgently publish its financial statements (first quarter of 2022, audited 2021) and annual report 2021.

Before that, on April 29, Vietnam Airlines Corporation (Vietnam Airlines) applied for an extension to submit the first quarter financial statements for reasons such as: the Covid-19 epidemic was complicated, many employees had to be isolated and treated at home, causing the company to lack personnel to do accounting work.

According to Vietnam Airlines, the remaining employees must give priority to completing the audited 2021 financial statements, so they cannot prepare the first quarter financial statements. In a document sent to the Securities Commission, the airline also committed to publicity. fully disclosed the financial statements of the first quarter, but did not schedule a specific time.

The Public Company Supervision Department (State Securities Commission) assessed that the reason for Vietnam Airlines’ late submission of financial statements was “inappropriate at the present time”. According to regulations, stock listing organizations and large-scale public companies must publish quarterly financial statements within 20 days from the end of the quarter.

Therefore, this agency proposes Vietnam Airlines to disclose information on financial statements (audited in the first quarter of 2022 and 2021), and annual reports in 2021 in accordance with regulations.

According to the independent consolidated report, Vietnam Airlines in 2021 achieved a revenue of 28,093 billion VND, down 31% compared to the same period last year. This airline continued to lose another 13,337 billion VND.

Earlier this month, the Securities and Exchange Commission reminded public companies, securities companies, securities investment fund management companies and securities issuers to comply with the obligation to report and disclose information properly. regulation. At the same time, the management agency also said that it will work with the exchanges to strengthen the review, supervision, inspection and strictly handle violations of information disclosure.

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