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Even though women spend a lot of money buying supplements and cosmetics, they still age quickly, and their skin ages quickly if they have these 5 habits

Any woman wants to have beautiful young skin, a body full of youthful vitality. However, in daily life, many people often commit wrong habits, causing the skin to become saggy, and prematurely aging themselves.

Or rub your eyes, squint your eyes

The skin around the eye area is very thin and sensitive, so it is prone to wrinkles. In addition, this is also an area that “catches” a lot of sunlight, moisture on the surface of the skin easily evaporates, causing the skin around the eyes to dry. If you often rub your eyes, squint, around that will form many wrinkles. You should use sunscreen regularly, wear glasses when going out in the sun, and do not apply strong force to this skin area.

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Wrinkles appear due to age factors, but can also be caused by external influences. (Illustration).

Wash your face a lot

Washing our face is necessary for all of us. Facial skin needs to be cleaned every day because you are exposed to polluted air, making your skin dirty. However, washing your face too much affects the health of the skin, even hurting the skin, especially those who have a habit of scrubbing and squeezing hard on the skin. This makes the skin cuticle damaged, the skin is thinner if you use the cleanser many times, causing the appearance of wrinkles. You should only wash your face twice a day, morning and night.

No vitamin supplements and skin care

Studies show that vitamin C can promote collagen production, and can block ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin. Therefore, if you want to prevent wrinkles on your face, you should consciously supplement vitamin C in many forms: oral or topical cream.

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Instead of adding vitamin C or filtered water to the body, many women drink soft drinks that make the body age faster. Illustration

To prevent wrinkles on the face, you should also choose the right skin care products, regularly massage your face to help increase the skin’s circulation, promote the absorption of skin care products, and recover. youthful firmness to your skin.

Lazy drinking water

During the metabolic process, the skin and the whole body need to be hydrated. Therefore, drinking a lot of water is both good for health and good for skin care. Dehydrated skin becomes dry, rough, easily dull, wrinkles quickly appear. The body lacks water also works less smoothly, the resistance decreases. However, it is advisable to drink water instead of carbonated drinks.

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Facial skin care is very important, helping women avoid rapid aging. (Illustration).

Stay up late

Staying up late a lot affects the quality of sleep, making you more likely to appear dark circles, sagging eye skin or wrinkles around the eyes. Staying up late is also the culprit that weakens the immune system, causes weight gain and contributes to a shortened lifespan. Therefore, you should form the habit of going to bed early and getting up early. Getting enough sleep is beneficial for physical health, helping to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Sleeping in the wrong position

To prevent wrinkles on your face, you should pay attention to your sleeping position. It is best to sleep on your back, because lying on your side will cause one side of your face to be pressed, making you more likely to appear wrinkles on your cheeks and eyes. The best position for minimizing wrinkles is lying on your back, this helps the body completely relax, the facial muscles relax.

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