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Google puts ‘4-year-old’ chip in Pixel Watch

Google introduced the Pixel Watch at I/O 2022. Although the specifics about the product were not disclosed by Google, the latest leak will disappoint users.

According to TechRadara new report shows that the Pixel Watch comes with only one chip that was released 4 years ago, specifically the Exynos 9110 first introduced by Samsung in 2018 with the goal of smartwatch.

Google puts a '4-year-old' chip in the Pixel Watch - Photo 1

Pixel Watch is only equipped with Exynos 9110 chip launched in 2018?


Exynos 9110 is the chip equipped on Samsung’s first Galaxy Watch – a smartwatch model running on the Tizen OS platform. This is in contrast to previous rumors that this smartwatch will be equipped with the Exynos W920 chip found on Galaxy Watch4 newer.

To explain this, sources say that the Pixel Watch has been in development for so long that it is limited in the selection of components. The Exynos 9110 is a 10nm chip that has the same performance as the 12nm Snapdragon 4100 Plus, while the Exynos W920 has about a 20% increase in performance and a higher graphics performance than its predecessor.

The Pixel Watch’s early reveal is part of Google’s strategy to attract developers: the more information about the device, the better chance developers have of creating early apps. The product announcement at I/O 2022 Recently, Google wants to end all rumors and is a message that the company is working hard to create a product worthy of competing with the Apple Watch.

Pixel devices are known for often coming with newer chips and improved battery life, but if the new rumors are accurate, the use of the old Exynos 9110 chip for the Pixel Watch would come as a surprise.

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