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For the first time digitizing assets, Quang Ha earned more than 1 billion dong

The value of Quang Ha’s first NFT contract with Woozoo Music is 50,000 USD (more than 1 billion VND).

optical galaxy and Woozoo Music global project representative – CEO Choi Woo-so just signed a cooperation agreement NFT At Hanoi. NFT (non-fungible token) is a unique digital certificate registered in a blockchain, used to record ownership of an asset such as artwork or collectibles. NFT exists in all digital objects: images, videos, musicwriting…

According to this signed contract, the Korean side will promote Quang Ha’s music products around the world and have the right to use and release 10 products of the vocalist “Nghia” within 6 months. . The value of the signed contract is 50,000 USD (more than 1 billion VND). In addition, Quang Ha also receives a percentage of profits from digital products.

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Quang Ha and global project representative Woozoo Music – CEO Choi Woo-so.

Before that, singer Quang Ha and the management company spent a lot of time learning about NFT and said that this will be the trend of the world in the future. The fact that art products are created in the NFT format will help build a diverse space where stars and fans can meet, communicate and enjoy works together.

Woozoo Music is a global music project for artists in the virtual world (#VR). Taking on the role of Woozoo Music’s Music Producer is Shark, a Korean. He has combined and released many musical publications for Asian artists. In particular, Shark has worked with world-famous hit maker – Melanie Fontana, who has worked with BTS, Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber, Halsey, Sia, Chain…

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Singer Quang Ha.

Quang Ha is one of the few Vietnamese artists to access the NFT market. Previously, supermodel Vinh Thuy sold her NFT collection for charity. Rapper BinZ Releases NFT Collection For New Song Don’t Break My Heart. In foreign countries, many stars try their hand at this field such as Taiwanese singer Chou Kiet Luan, Paris Hilton, American rapper Snoop Dogg, singer Shawn Mendes, Grimes…

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