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“Johnny Depp’s career could be revived with villains”

When Amber Heard called herself a victim of domestic violence in December 2018, Johnny Depp was heavily ostracized and that’s when his career fell apart. However, according to media crisis expert Juda Engelmayer, the current trial between him and Amber Heard is likely to help the actor bounce back and bring him back to Hollywood.

The reason given by experts is that Johnny Depp is too big a star to completely disappear from movie projects. However, this expert also thinks that the star Pirates of the Caribbean There won’t be as many heroic roles as before, and there may not be any Disney contracts.

“I think Johnny Depp’s image is no longer suitable for the family, friendly type,” said the crisis media expert, “Perhaps he will do indie films and play the bad guy, Some kind of criminal. Cute, funny roles won’t suit him anymore, but the bad guy role would be perfect.”

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Even if Johnny Depp lost the case (and he likely will), the trial was a good opportunity for the actor to publicize his own story. Moreover, if you look at the current situation, Johnny Depp has received enthusiastic support from the audience even though the judge has not yet issued a ruling. This was more than enough to gain the trust of fans and return to an acting career. Experts believe that, in the future, the film projects that the actor participates in will have a large audience of support.

A source shared with Insider said that $50 million is not Johnny Depp’s purpose to sue Amber Heard. “He’s lost his career, he’s lost his reputation. No matter what happens in this trial, there will be people who think he’s a wife beater. So no matter what he does. He may lose the case, but at least this is his way of telling the world his story,” the source said.

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