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Seeing his wife’s “selfie” in the hotel, her husband followed her to the place and witnessed an unexpected scene

May 20, 2022 07:45 GMT+7

Suspecting his wife to have another relationship outside, the husband decided to spy on his wife, eventually discovering the shocking truth.

Finding out that your spouse is having an illicit relationship with another person is probably the most painful and disappointing thing in every marriage. Recently, a Chinese man discovered that his wife was having an affair with another man outside, but the words of the wife when she was caught red-handed were even more controversial.

On May 16, 2022, a man surnamed Lin living in Zhongshan city, Guangdong province, China, caught his wife red-handed going to a hotel with another man, leaving him homeless. shock, pain, and depression.


A few days earlier, Mr. Lin had secretly checked his wife’s phone and discovered a “selfie” of his wife in a luxury hotel room. Originally, the wife’s job had nothing to do with the hotel, much less to enter here, plus unusual words and behavior, Mr. Lin was convinced that his wife was having an affair.

After that, Mr. Lin secretly stalked his wife, and finally caught her in a charming dress and beautiful make-up entering a hotel. Infuriated, Mr. Lin blocked his wife’s way in the parking lot to ask what was going on.

On his personal social networking site, Mr. Lin posted a video with the status line expressing his thoughts: “My wife entered the hotel with another man and was blocked by me. She had sex with the man. It’s been a few months. Don’t think I’m stupid, don’t play tricks on me here. The phone call is already recorded. Don’t make fun of me.” In addition, Mr. Lin also accused his wife of often leaving the children at home for her husband to take care of, while he himself went out to date with his mistress, extremely irresponsible.


Before his wife’s cold, evasive attitude, Mr. Lin became even more angry and agitated. Mr. Lin asked his wife to call her lover downstairs to talk, but she refused and challenged her husband. Seeing that, Mr. Lin immediately pushed his wife, causing her to fall into the car’s head, showing quite a bit of pain and discomfort.

After that, the wife began to respond to Mr. Lin: “Look at yourself over the years, what have you given me? The family doesn’t have a penny, the house and car must also be sold.”

Mr. Lin immediately replied: “I don’t want that either, I also want a good business.” Mr. Lin said that he always feels guilty and always tries to do everything well, not someone who has no will to progress. Mr. Lin also added that no matter what, it is wrong for his wife to have an affair. Previously, Mr. Lin knew that his wife had an extramarital affair but did not expose it, wanted to keep her face and give her a chance to change.


The wife continued to express her attitude because she had not been given money by her husband for a long time, and Mr. Lin still insisted that he was in trouble, his wife did not sympathize, and even had an affair with other people.

Mr. Lin even asked his wife why he didn’t get a divorce but “cuckolded” behind his back. The wife said that she also wanted a divorce, but her family had given him too much for a long time, and now she wanted to receive compensation, she broke up.

It is not clear how this story will end, but after Mr. Lin posted it on social media, it quickly attracted the attention of many netizens. Most people blame their wives for being unfaithful, and even use excuses to explain their shameful infidelity. If husband and wife are one-hearted with each other, they will overcome difficulties together, not find it difficult or discouraged. Besides, someone also advised Mr. Lin not to make a fuss, but to sit down and talk and communicate with each other to find the most suitable solution.

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