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Suddenly burdened with debt for my grandmother’s family

The phone shows a text message asking for money. Thu’s husband took the car out and told his wife: I went to a friend’s house to hide from debt, who asked if I didn’t know anything…

Thu came to my house to ask me the procedure for selling land: how much deposit to get, where to go to do the paperwork, each husband signed or both husband and wife signed… explain that.

I was surprised because just last year, I went to Thu’s house to celebrate the housewarming, when I heard that she finished building the house, she didn’t owe anyone anything, from here only… rich. Collecting division: “It’s not me who is in debt, it’s my mother and my brother”.

Suddenly in debt because of his wife's family (Artwork)
Suddenly in debt because of his wife’s family (Artwork)

Thu talked around without head or tail, and eventually I understood the story. Seeing that Thu and her husband have a nice new home, my mother and youngest brother also want the same house. The house is level four, so the contractor quoted a price of 400 million VND. Ma Thu has more than 100 million VND in savings, the youngest also has that much.

Mom said the land because of the boundary dispute with the neighbors before, so she couldn’t do the paperwork, couldn’t get a bank loan. Besides, the loan procedures are complicated, mom is not familiar. The family has each husband and wife, Thu has many words (finished the ninth grade), go and ask about it. Thu’s husband immediately patted his chest: “Three cases of storks, I will take care of them”.

Thu’s husband ran around a few banks to ask. It is said that land without a red book is helpless. Mommy sighed sadly, saying that even if she died, she wouldn’t have a decent house to live in. Thu’s husband patted his chest again: “My mother’s land does not have a red book, but my son’s land has it”.

Thu’s husband said that and then took the red book to the bank as a pledge to lend his wife 200 million dong, the youngest 200 million dong to build two houses.

Thu’s husband roughly calculated her mother’s and youngest son’s four-month mango plantation for more than 200 million VND per year. Bank debt is about 150 million dong a year, more than enough to arrange. When her husband said that, Thu knew it. Who knows that in the first month, the phone calls to pay interest and principal of nearly 12 million dong.

The husband took the phone and showed it to his wife’s mother and sister-in-law to see the message reminding to pay. The wife’s mother was shocked: “The money is not available until the mango harvest season, where does it come from?” His brother-in-law resisted: “Why don’t you tell people clearly, sell mangoes to pay for it”.

My husband went to the bank, scratched his head and ears, explained right and left, and promised to harvest mango season. The bank employee laughed and said, “Daddy is funny. Papers committed that he signed properly, can’t close it.”

Thu’s husband returned from retirement. The couple took out all the house money and paid for the first month. Next month, Thu sells a few flocks of newly hatched chickens, the bananas in the garden are also cut down, and the rice in the pot is dry enough.

In the third month, the phone showed a text message asking for money. Thu’s husband took the car out and told him: “I went to a friend’s house to avoid debt. Whoever asked what said they did not know.” The bank employee came, Thu was so scared, three legs and four legs ran through the neighbor’s house to hide. A few times later, Thu’s husband told his ex-wife to continue listening, “the garden has no empty house”, the phone was locked, but he couldn’t help it.

Thinking that the bank staff went back and forth, unable to find the Thu couple, they would be discouraged, who would hesitate to come again. Autumn is making fish after summer, and when she looks up, they have reached the gate. Autumn was too secretive, so he threw it into the ditch, diving and disappearing. After diving for a while, you have to raise your head to breathe. Diving for a long time ran out of breath, no one worried about leaving the child.

As soon as Autumn emerged, I saw some officers sitting on the side of the ditch laughing: “You’re so good, diving for a long time.” Thu grumbled: “You guys are so demanding, I’ll die.” The bank employees were sad: “If we can’t collect our debt, we’ll probably die with you, but we won’t live”…

“My mother, what kind of personality does my brother have to have, shouldn’t it be?”, I said angrily. She sighed: “I’ve fought a few times to stop playing, sister, my mother has given up on me. She said, “She and her husband are stupid enough to accept it.” Her mother-in-law asked her to sell her two public lands to pay the debt, so that in the evening, the husband and wife would run away from debt, leave the children alone, no one would worry about the job, and then they would starve. Sell ​​it, sell it, I don’t know anything”…

When you came back, I was depressed all afternoon, both angry and sad. If my husband and I were a little more sober, knowing how to consider our own strength, we would not have lost our property and lost our friendship.

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