Technology exchange event has just been held in Hanoi

On May 14, Samsung held a SamFan Party event at Mo Art Space, located at 136 Hang Trong, Hanoi. This is the first event held by Samsung with many activities to interact with technology fans after the period of the COVID-19 epidemic.

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Check-in area at the entrance of the event.

Besides, this SamFan Party event is also a place for Samsung to display products in the Galaxy ecosystem, as well as to bring viewers outstanding photos of the “Night Live” contest. previously organized by Samsung with the support of the Galaxy S22 series and impressive night shooting capabilities.

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The works of the photo contest “Live boldly at night” on Galaxy S22 series.

The event started with the sharing of technology industry KOLs and Influencers such as Hai Trieu, Phuong Anh Payo, Tech Chest, etc. about Samsung’s newly launched Galaxy S22 series. Through sharing, all agree that Galaxy S22 series is the smartphone series for the best photo quality today.

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The KOLs say their thoughts about the Galaxy S22 series.

In addition, this SamFan Party event also had the presence of street photographer Chu Viet Ha, one of the winners of many national and international awards in art and photography. Photographer Chu Viet Ha also brought to this event photos taken from the Galaxy S22 Ultra itself, especially those taken in low light conditions, showing the camera power of this year’s Galaxy S22 series.” how godly”.

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Street photographer Chu Viet Ha shares his photography experience with the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

With Galaxy ecosystem devices on display at the event, users can also “verify” on the spot the photography capabilities of the Galaxy S22 series, especially the premium version Galaxy S22 Ultra.

This year’s Galaxy S22 Ultra brings a noticeable change in design when it comes to the appearance of the Galaxy Note series. And that’s why Samsung equips the Galaxy S22 Ultra with an S Pen so that users can unleash their unlimited creativity with this unique accessory. Based on the photo background of photographer Chu Viet Ha, Samsung organizes a mini-game to show off creativity with the S Pen. The audience will be invited to the stage to draw funny pictures with the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s S Pen, thereby receiving valuable gifts from the organizers.

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Mini-game to show off your creativity with the S Pen.

Also at this event, Samsung took a short time to listen to users’ opinions about the Galaxy product lines. Samsung representatives were also present at the event to chat with the audience about what could be improved in the future.

Indispensable with exciting entertainment performances, the SamFan Party event is the place to perform K-Pop dance: Make nights epic on the background of Zoom – Jessi music with the vocals of singer Minh Vuong M4U with “Song Songs” Love” and “Like the old days you came”.

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Entertainment performances with vibrant choreography and the appearance of singer Minh Vuong M4U.

SamFan Party 2022 event took place successfully and well. Attendees were able to experience Samsung’s most advanced products, interact with KOLs in the fields of technology and photography, and answer questions about the product lines of the Galaxy ecosystem. This will be the foundation for Samsung to organize more events to exchange and interact with users in the future. 20220520213540443.chn

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