Life is not always so easy!

At night, looking at her mother’s figure working in the small kitchen, hearing the fragrant smell of cooked rice like bringing back a whole memory…

That year, my parents bought a small house at the foot of a hill in the village, family we moved there. My sisters and I grew up in simple things in the middle of a peaceful countryside.

A shirt the two sisters wore each other, an old school desk on the channel where the two sisters sat together, a small kitchen that was always filled with the shadow of their mother, late meals with funny jokes from their father. … Life in the old countryside, although there are many rural areas, is always filled with small and simple happiness.

At that time, I didn’t have to worry about much, except taking my school bag every day and then coming back to eat my mother’s cooking. I like to breathe in the scent of food every day when I come home from school, I like to hang out at the end of the house and whisper a few stories about school with my parents, I like the feeling of someone listening to my children’s trivial stories.

The days passed peacefully like a beautiful dream that never wanted to wake up.

Life isn't always easy...that's it!-1

But home meals are now a luxury.

I moved away from home to a new city, started an independent life and followed my own dream. A few years passed, the parents’ little child grew up day by day.

There is no longer a strange feeling like the first day you stepped on the bus to cross the long roads. No longer feeling overwhelmed with the night lights on the skyscrapers.

Yet for a child far from home, the feeling of nostalgia for home meals is always in the mind. In the bustling city, many delicious and exotic dishes are not as good as a bowl of warm rice at home.

The familiarity with the noise and bright lights makes me yearn for peaceful things like in the old days.

Sometimes I just want to go home quickly and eat a meal my mother cooks. At night, looking at her mother’s figure working hard under the small kitchen, hearing the smell of cooked rice like pulling back a whole sky of memories. The smell of fish and vegetables, the smell of friendship in each of the simplest dishes.

Life isn't always that easy...that's it!-2

But life isn’t always that easy.

Amidst the tumultuous days of worry, everyone is engrossed in the rush of life. Nor do I allow myself to slow down compared to others. Even a few minutes of sitting calmly is not enough, let alone running home and admiring the old little corners.

Once away from home, how much do people yearn to return? There are times when I feel homesick, miss my mother, miss my father, and remember all the dear things in my mind.

Yet, I can only close the nostalgia and floating memories in my heart, keeping it in my heart only for me to know…

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