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The first Francophone race took place in Hanoi

The Francophone Run in 2022 is a sporting and cultural event for French-speaking, French-loving and jogging people that took place on May 21, 2022 at Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi.

The first French Language Run (Course de la Francophonie) in Vietnam is organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, the People’s Committee of Hanoi, the International Organization of Francophonie (OIF) and the Organization for Francophonie Universities (AUF). in a series of events to celebrate International Francophonie Day March 20, 25 years since Vietnam hosted the 7th Francophonie Summit in Hanoi (1997 – 2022) as well as highlighting the significance of the official visit to Vietnam. South March 2022 by Francophonie General Secretary Louise Mushikiwabo.

The 2022 Francophonie is themed “Elle peut!” (She Can) is a commitment of each individual in the Francophone community to contribute to the sustainable development of the country and society. Through side activities included in the event, including: music, booths, exhibitions,…; The organizers hope “Elle peut!” convey the message about the ability to make beautiful things in the lives of those who are considered “weak” in society (women, especially women with disabilities).

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Accordingly, 50% of the registration fee will be used to fund 3 women’s initiatives through the NICE Program (Network for Community Development Initiatives) initiative network. Previously, the contribution from each individual athlete was sent to 3 initiatives of the NICE Program by the end of 2021, this support has helped the initiatives to cover living costs and share difficulties in life. epidemic.


– Maintain the Salt Cancer Initiative to support cancer patients in dealing with psychological problems and lack of knowledge.

– Help Thuong Thuong Handmade, a handicraft production facility operated by disadvantaged young people, to operate stably during difficult times because of the epidemic.

– Support the Laundromat for the Deaf. All profits of the shop are used to organize life skills classes for the deaf.

In addition to the main event, the 2022 Francophonie Run is also a meeting place for Francophone organizations, businesses, schools and universities that teach French and in French in Hanoi. With the goal of honoring the common values ​​of sport and Francophonie: diversity, equality, respect and solidarity; The Francophone Run is expected to become an annual playground full of humanistic values ​​of the Francophone community in Vietnam.

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