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Experience in safe and cost-effective home improvement

Checking the structure and bearing capacity of the house

Finding an expert or structural appraisal unit is the first thing homeowners need to do when they intend to raise the floor. After that, the house will be considered for the bearing capacity of the foundation and columns. Because over time, the bearing capacity of the foundation and columns has decreased.

In case of weak foundations and columns, it will be difficult to raise more floors or will have to be reinforced to ensure the safety and sustainability of the work. The reinforcement will certainly cost more, but the homeowner should not regret skipping this step or doing it through the speakers. Because of that, the house will quickly deteriorate after being put into use, which may subside, tilt, or even fall, endangering the people living in the house and the adjacent houses.

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Inspecting the structure and bearing capacity of the house is very important before raising the floor

After assessing the structure and bearing capacity of the house as well as the need to build more floors of the homeowner, the inspection unit will offer a reinforcement plan. Architects will base on the design drawings of the old house to build a floor plan for the house.

Homeowners should carefully consider the new design, the reinforcement plan, if any, then balance the finances, choose the most effective and cost-optimized plan.

Apply for a permit to build more floors

According to the provisions of law, in case of repairing or renovating a work but without changing the load-bearing structure of the work, it is not required to apply for a permit. construction permit.

As for raising the floor, it changes the bearing structure of the building, so before renovating, the owner is required to obtain a permit from the competent State agency as well as other relevant documents.

To apply for a permit, according to the provisions of Article 96 of the Law on Construction 2014, homeowners need to prepare the following documents: An application form for a permit to repair, renovate and raise the floor of the house; copies of papers proving the rights to own, manage and use the works or houses; drawings, photos of the current status of the works to be renovated; floor elevation design drawing….

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To build more floors, homeowners need to pay attention to legal procedures

The above documents shall be submitted to the People’s Committee of the district. From the date of receipt of complete and valid dossiers, the processing time to apply for a permit to build an additional floor is 20 days for works, 15 days for individual houses.

It should be noted that it is not possible for homeowners to raise as many floors as they want, but it must also be consistent with the local planning, especially in areas with high traffic areas. height control. Therefore, when conducting a house lift, homeowners need to comply with the licensed height, if violated, they will be fined, forced to demolish, generate many problems, waste time and money.

Choosing the right material

Raising the floor for the house is carried out on the old structure, so reducing the gravity of the raised floor plays a very important role. Using lightweight and durable materials will reduce pressure on foundations and columns, while still ensuring quality and durability for the building. Homeowners can refer to a number of options such as ultra-light bricks or construction materials with wood and plastic materials to replace bricks and concrete.

Choose a reputable contractor if you hire a package

If hiring a package, homeowners should choose reputable contractors with reasonable prices. There should be a clear contract with the contractor on cost, quality of materials, construction time, completion as well as quality warranty. If the contractor breaches the contract, it will be obliged to compensate according to the agreement.

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