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Rich stars banned by Ferrari from buying supercars

Kim Kardashian recently featured his mansion in Vogue’s “Objects of Affection” series, which features a collection of supercar custom luxury, but no pcs Ferrari any. In fact, it was reported recently that the American media celebrity could not actually buy a Ferrari because she was blacklisted by the iconic Italian brand. This became even more notable after many rumors that Justin Bieber was also banned by Ferrari, along with other celebrities such as Floyd Mayweather, 50 Cent and Nicolas Cage.

In most cases, the Italian car manufacturer will refrain from talking about such things, except when suing an individual. However, Ferrari did indeed choose to clarify its position this time around.

Rich stars are banned by Ferrari from buying supercars - Photo 1.

Kim Kardashian blacklisted by Ferrari? Photo: Kimkardashian/Instagram

“Ferrari reserves the right to decide on special editions,” the spokesman said. Ferrari has a rigorous testing process to distribute its special edition cars. Accordingly, an individual must own a number of mass-produced Ferraris in order to be eligible to apply for the limited edition. A Ferrari spokesperson told Spanish newspaper Marca that they are not actually registered. ban individuals and put them on a blacklist from buying a car. One problem, however, is that celebrities like Kim and Justin can only buy mass-produced Ferraris like the Roma and the upcoming Purosangue SUV. Limited and exclusive production models will be out of their reach.

Rich stars are banned by Ferrari from buying supercars - Photo 2.

Ferrari Aperta Edition. Photo:

In fact, Ferrari takes its brand image and position very seriously, so it has come up with a series of rules and guidelines that car owners must follow. If violated, they could attract the attention of the supercar manufacturer and possibly face a ban (at least for buying exclusive models). Worse, the company may even sue the individual. This has happened a few times in the past.

Justin Bieber has done quite a few things to excite Ferrari, including modifying too many 458 Italias owned by the singer personally. Justin parked the car in the wrong place several times and sold it without Ferrari’s consent. Many people will be surprised that this car company does not accept any of them.

Rich stars are banned by Ferrari from buying supercars - Photo 4.

Justin Bieber customizes his Ferrari too much. Photo: Justinbieber/Instagram

As for the case of Kim Kardashian, no one knows what she did to anger Ferrari. There is no record of Kim owning a Ferrari, except for a 458 Italia given to her by a Malaysian businessman in 2011. Maybe, the automaker thinks that Kim will definitely “customize” the car, as all the cars owned by her are now personalized far from the original version.

Rich stars are banned from buying supercars by Ferrari - Photo 5.

Kim Kardashian’s custom cars. Photo: Youtube

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