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Double benefits when food is quickly frozen with 4.0 . technology

Quick freezing, which is a technology used in the food industry, has now been applied to the latest generation of Panasonic refrigerators. What is the difference that makes this technology “convince” modern consumers?

Freezing is a method of preserving food for a long time

Busy life, housewives cannot do without a refrigerator in food preservation. Food preservation has long come from personal habits or based on oral experience from housewives or friends.

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lam, Former Deputy Director of the National Institute of Nutrition, one of the factors that can affect the taste of food when stored in the freezer is the fast freezing speed.

Double benefits when food is quickly frozen by 4.0 - 1 technology

Storing food in the refrigerator needs to be safe and effective for meal quality

Previously, freezing mode created conditions for ice crystals to grow, disrupting cell membranes, leading to food loss of many nutrients, texture will become chewy and tasteless. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lam added that, with a normal freezer, cold air is blown directly into the food, freezing the water from the outside to the inside, causing the food to freeze to the core, breaking the structure. food cells. But with the quick freezing method, which works on the principle of lowering the temperature of food to the lowest freezing temperature (about -20 to -23°C) in a short time, then it is frozen at ( -19 to -16°C). Due to the very fast cooling time, the ice crystals cannot grow, so that the food quality is preserved from shape to taste. From a nutritional point of view, the benefit of the quick freezing method is obviously preserving the original flavor and nutrients in food and also ensuring food safety.

As a result, bacteria do not have the conditions to grow, and at the same time prevent the destruction of cells, helping to quickly lock nutrients. This is the difference between super-speed freezing and gradual freezing in a regular refrigerator.

Dual benefits when food is quickly frozen by 4.0 - 2 technology

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lam, Former Deputy Director of the National Institute of Nutrition, shared about how to preserve food for a long time in the refrigerator.

Therefore, properly storing food safely, in addition to controlling the storage time, also needs to consider how to preserve food so that the quality of food is not changed or lost nutrients during processing.

Super-Fast Freezing – Keep the full flavor of food for a long time

Bringing a solution to this problem, Panasonic recently launched a new generation of Prime + Edition refrigerators with Prime Freeze technology that freezes 5 times faster, helping to prevent bacteria from entering food, locking quickly. nutrients and fresh taste of food. At the same time, this feature also limits food from being degraded and watery after defrosting. Consumers can rest assured that the ingredients are prepared first and then frozen, when needed, they only have to be reheated, the food still retains its original flavor, deliciousness and freshness.

Double benefits when food is quickly frozen with technology 4.0 - 3

Prime Freeze is the first technology developed by Panasonic with the ability to freeze 5 times faster

Also according to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lam, raw and cooked foods should not be shared together because not all refrigerators have the ability to kill bacteria, bacteria are easily transmitted from raw meat to processed foods.

With fast freezing technology on high-end Panasonic Prime+ refrigerators, the scientific compartmentation can freeze cooked foods for up to 14 days, while still keeping the fresh taste.

In addition, the Prime Freeze compartment integrated with the Rapid Freezing mode also plays a good role in storing fresh food for a long time in large quantities, whole pieces or divided into small pieces to help the freezing process as quickly as possible. well, lock in nutrition and preserve freshness. Even with ready-to-eat, packaged and frozen foods, the quality is guaranteed until they are warmed and enjoyed.

Dual benefits when food is quickly frozen by 4.0 - 4 . technology

Prime Freeze super-fast freezer compartment with 3 different modes

In addition, preserving prepared vegetables in the Prime Freeze compartment is also a time-saving suggestion for housewives. Just go to the market once a week, wash, cut vegetables and fruits and put them in the freezer to preserve. The freezing feature helps vegetables and fruits stay fresh, crispy, sweet and easy to get the amount you need because the food does not stick together.

The Prime Freeze compartment also helps shorten daily cooking times thanks to the Cool Down mode that quickly cools cooked dishes in just 3 minutes for immediate use, or the Quick Cooling mode to help the process of marinating spices faster to make delicious dishes.

When storing and preserving food, the features of inhibiting bacteria and viruses also need to be focused. Panasonic Prime+ refrigerators incorporate advanced nanoe™ X technology proven to neutralize up to 99.99%* of bacteria, reduce pesticide residues*, and powerfully deodorize, preserving freshness , succulent and full of nutrients inside. Not to mention, the -3°C Prime Fresh+ soft freezing function keeps food fresh for 7 days, convenient to cook right away without defrosting. A plus point for this separate Prime Fresh+ soft-freezer compartment is that it can be easily disassembled for convenient cleaning, neat storage, avoiding odors and cross-contamination, and saving energy.

Double benefits when food is quickly frozen with technology 4.0 - 5

Advanced nanoe™ X technology keeps food clean and nutritious

Rapid freezing technology developed by Panasonic brings to the market an effective food storage solution, providing quality, delicious family meals for the health of users.

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