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My mother-in-law just fell ill, my wife took out a bag of gold in surprise

May 25, 2022 07:15 GMT+7

I looked at my wife in shock, not expecting her to hide such a large amount of property.

Now I know my wife is a money saver. Every month I give my wife 12 million, her salary is about 7-8 million more. But we live in the city, spend all kinds of money and have two children. At the beginning of the month, I gave money, in the middle of the month, I heard my wife complain.

She coal ran out of money, coal ran out of milk, coal prices went up, gas went up, MSG all went up… In short, from the middle of the month to the beginning of next month, every day I listened to my wife sing the song out of money. So much so that I was haunted. Going to have a cup of coffee with you also hesitated, thinking whether to abstain from coffee, save money and “tribute” to your wife for peace of mind?

However, my mother just fell ill, and she took out a bag of gold from the cupboard.

A few days ago, my mother suddenly fainted but then refused to go to the doctor. She was afraid that my wife and I had no money, afraid of becoming our burden.

My wife kept advising me that she couldn’t, so she took out the gold wrap. Tremendously abundant. I opened it up and was surprised. How much gold, rings, not less.

At this time, my wife confessed, every month she takes my salary to buy gold to save. Spending only on his wife’s salary. If you are too poor in a month, you can borrow it, pay it back next month, but definitely do not sell gold. Thanks to that, in the past few years, she has been covered with gold to protect herself.

– Just go to the doctor and rest assured. Money matters, husband and wife can take care of. Mother’s health is the most important.

My mother heard that her daughter-in-law said that she agreed to go to the doctor. Now that my wife has money, I feel like I’ve been cheated. The house is full of gold coins, but my wife keeps “selling coal” for tired? Is there a way to change this annoying nature of hers?


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