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Husband forced his wife to break up with his adulterous girlfriend

May 26, 2022 17:14 GMT+7

Seeing his wife playing with a man who betrayed her husband, he was worried, frustrated, and insecure.

Han and Lan are colleagues, they are close and often help each other. Han’s husband also loves his wife’s friends, but since hearing his wife’s story and knowing that Lan is having an affair, Han’s husband wants to separate his wife from the woman he thinks is a prostitute.

He used to respect his wife very much, never managing the time, now because his wife played with a man who betrayed her husband, he felt uneasy. He said, if Lan continues to go back and forth with her young lover, he will notify Lan’s husband. Knowing how her husband said he did, Han was very worried.


Han thought, the friendship between her and Lan has been close for many years, it is not possible because you went the wrong way, but I moved out, ignoring her.

Furthermore, adultery is not a contagious disease. Han’s husband loves his wife but does not understand her, and when he goes to worry about his wife, he also imitates his friend and commits adultery. Turns out he treats his wife like a child.

Han convinced her husband that she would slowly advise her girlfriend. Maybe there is a problem between Lan and her husband. Adultery is ten times wrong, but people also sometimes make mistakes, Han hopes her husband won’t force her to break off with Lan, and don’t rush to inform her husband, lest the house be ruined.

Han invited Lan to go to coffee and advised Lan all the words. Han also mentioned that her husband would not accept their friendship if Lan continued to have an affair. Han explained that the story of Lan and her husband these days, she did not know, but Lan’s affair was completely wrong. If Lan’s husband finds out, the family will surely fall apart, Lan’s children are just in primary school, they are too young to leave their father or mother. Lan’s mistress is also married, maybe one day Lan is jealous and loses all her honor and suffering.

Then Lan also opened her heart to share, she said that the husband was gentle, hard-working, kind, always loving his wife and children, but: “He is like a boring piece of earth, he doesn’t care about his wife”. Han asked her friend, if her husband knew that Lan was in a relationship, would that “clump of earth” have an earthquake?

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Han also strongly threatened: “If we continue that relationship, our friendship will end”. Lan said she needed time to think. A week later, Lan announced that she had ended with her lover, because there was an important reason: from the day she knew him, Lan had spent too much money.

Reflecting on Han’s words, Lan realized that adultery was like a dangerous game, but only she suffered the loss. Lan feels sorry for her husband, the “land piece” that she criticizes, is actually a very solid support for her mother and children.

Han’s husband was happy when he heard that his wife’s friend broke off the relationship outside. He was also happy when he discovered that his wife had a talent for “marriage love counseling”, probably because his wife already had many tricks to maintain family happiness.

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