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Who was used by Sima Yi, causing Zhuge Liang to die without closing his eyes?

Under the Three Kingdoms period, Sima Yi and Zhuge Liang were two excellent military advisors and politicians. The two have been rivals for many years. Although Khong Minh was praised for his wisdom, he was like a god, but he was still unable to completely suppress Sima Yi.

Typically in the Northern Punishment, Zhuge Liang had a hard time getting the upper hand when fighting Cao Wei’s army. However, Sima Yi was good at strategizing in turn to neutralize the dangers and cause Zhuge Liang’s forces to withdraw their troops home.

Even, in the end, Zhuge Liang died on the battlefield when fighting with Sima Yi. Many historians believe that Sima Yi caused Zhuge Liang to die without closing his eyes because he did not have eyes to look at people as sharp as himself.

Who was used by Sima Yi, causing Zhuge Liang to die without closing his eyes?  - Photo 1.

Image of character Zhuge Liang on film. Photo: Sohu

According to researchers, Zhuge Liang is not as good at looking at people as Sima Yi. During his lifetime, the military advisor of the Cao Wei dynasty had his eye on a little-known man in Luoyang city. After that, Sima Yi promoted and respected this person. Later, it was this person who made an important contribution to the destruction of the Thuc dynasty.

The person used by Sima Yi was Dang Ngai. Zhuge Liang could not have imagined that this seemingly extremely small character would make an important contribution to Sima Yi to carry out the plot to unify the world.

Who was used by Sima Yi, causing Zhuge Liang to die without closing his eyes?  - Photo 2.

Picture of character Dang Ngai on the film. Photo: Sohu

According to historical records, Dang Ngai came from a poor family. From a young age, he moved with his mother to the Yingchuan area to work as a farmer. For more than 20 years, he worked as a farmer. However, with his intelligence, eager to learn about the military field, he was promoted to the rank of Admiral of the peasantry.

During a visit to Lac Duong citadel to work, Dang Ngai had the opportunity to meet Sima Yi. When meeting this person, Sima Yi realized that this was a smart person, good at arranging troops and able to help the Sima clan win the world in the future.

Therefore, Sima Y promoted Dang Ngai as an employee in Thai lieutenant’s office, then promoted to Thuong Thu Lang. Next, Dang Ngai took the position of General of the Western region of the Wei Dynasty. He led his army to confront Shu Han forces in many wars and achieved many victories.

By 263 BC, Dang Ngai was promoted to General. In this year, he led more than 30,000 troops to attack the Thuc dynasty. With his superior military talent, Dang Ngai commanded the army to win many consecutive victories, so he quickly went straight to Chengdu – the capital of the Shu dynasty.

When he heard that Dang Ngai was approaching Chengdu, Emperor Luu Thien of the Thuc Dynasty was extremely frightened. Because he wanted to preserve his own life as well as prevent the people from bleeding more, Luu Thien ordered the generals to open the gate to surrender. Therefore, Dang Ngai led his army into Chengdu, disarmed the enemy and made an important contribution to pushing the Shu dynasty to the brink of destruction.

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