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Cut off electricity to the whole village to date lovers in the dark

Every time he wants to see his girlfriend, this electrician cuts off power to the whole village for about 2-3 hours to meet her in the dark.

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People in Ganeshpur village in Purnia district, Bihar, India often have power cuts for about 2-3 hours at a certain time of the evening. The villagers found it strange that the neighboring villages still had normal electricity during that time.

After thoroughly investigating the reason, the villagers were surprised to discover that the electrician had cut off the power of the whole village so that he could date his girlfriend in the dark.

To add certainty, the whole village planned to arrest the culprit. When the electricity was cut off the next time, the villagers gathered together to the dating place, the school in the village, to catch this love match.

Witnesses said the electrician was beaten before being made to parade around the village as punishment. He told the villagers that he cut off the electricity whenever he wanted to see his girlfriend.

However, after that, the people forced them to marry each other.

“The man married the girl in front of the people,” said one resident.

As for the police, they said they have not received any complaints so far. “We were aware of the incident but took action only when we received a complaint,” the local police said.

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