SBTC Esports bid farewell to Super ADC Celebrity

Celebrity joined SBTC Esports (SE) in 2020. Since joining this team, although SE has gone through many roster changes, Celebrity has always shown herself as an ADC capable of carrying a great team. There was a time when SE was called “Celebrity Esports” by fans and commentators when he often used the strategy of farming and camping for his ADC to be as green as possible.

SBTC Esports bid farewell to super gunner Celebrity - Photo 1.

Celebrity farewell post on Facebook SBTC Esports

Celebrity is the player who currently owns the most Pentakills in VCS history with 7 kills to all five opposing players. He started his professional League of Legends career in 2014 and has always performed well in any shirt.

The player born in 1996 has won 4 times VCS, the highest level of League of Legends in Vietnam. He is also remembered by fans with a win in the 2019 World Championship warm-up round against Damwon Gaming with the Lowkey Esports team.

With the departure of Celebrity, SBTC Esports still has a AD carry, Vinboiz. In the times he played last season, Vinboiz showed himself as a promising ADC with relatively good personal skills and reflexes.

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