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Marrying someone ‘unsatisfactory’ on VnExpress Dating

It’s been more than a month since he and I returned to the same house, I want to send a thank you to VnExpress for making the two of us charming.

I posted around the time of the epidemic, May last year. At this stage, everything that happens around me is different, more lost, life turned upside down, making me appreciate family life more. I write this article with the criterion that I want to know the people who live and work in Ho Chi Minh City. Many letters sent to me are qualified, except for you, your current husband is unsatisfactory. He lives and works in Binh Duong.

Somehow, when I read the letter he sent, I felt his sincerity. His words are simple, simple and clear, but make me want to learn more. I wrote thank you letters to the other boys and focused solely on him. The epidemic made us work remotely, so every day we exchanged messages back and forth for nearly six months before meeting face-to-face, our love growing stronger.

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He and I continued like that until the beginning of November, when we met. I will forever remember that meeting, he came with a love letter, the two of them looked at each other shyly, slightly shaking, still wearing masks because they met at the park, did 5K. The love between the two is increasing gradually, the families of both sides know the story, try to support and promote the wedding ceremony. I am fortunate to meet a good, responsible husband who is always gentle with his wife. My mother-in-law is always happy, loves and respects her children. The whole family goes to the temple together, prays and has many shared memories. My two children have a lot of similarities in thoughts, ideas, and also have differences in lifestyle, I consider it a compensation to learn and perfect together.

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Having been married for more than a month, my husband and I are enjoying life, every day is a joy to me, and both of us hope to have a baby soon. Thank you Dating, also hope that you are looking for love, feel free to write a letter, maybe someone out there wants to meet you. Just try to search, there will be a predestined bridge appearing. Love!


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