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My family struggled with the ‘frozen storm’

I am living in Ho Chi Minh City, there are five people in the family, the total salary of the couple is only 26 million VND.

Gasoline prices increase, causing everything to increase, most importantly food prices. We have to pay nine million dong a month in interest to buy a house and take care of two young children of preschool age. I always have to stretch myself to bear the expenses.

I still know that life will be difficult if I borrow money to buy a house, but if I don’t take the risk, I will never know when I can buy it. Now I’m tired. Husband encourages to try, difficulties will pass, husband and wife eat and save money, cut all expenses so that the children can have a house, stabilize their studies, and will be stable in five or seven years.

>> Should I tell my mom about cooking more rice?

I don’t understand why consumer prices have increased so much, it’s not easy for middle-income people like me to stay in the city, the burden of “rice and money” is heavier every day. What to do here, looking forward to sharing and encouragement from you.


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