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The car tire exploded in horror, “blowing” the man away

Clip: A car tire exploded in horror, “blowing” the man away

The incident happened in India and was caught on surveillance cameras.

In the clip, all the tire repair work for the passenger car has been completed and a few people are waiting for the tire to be inflated. Just a few seconds later, the tire suddenly exploded, sending a mechanic thrown away. Reportedly, the victim was dead.

Around the world, there have been many similar accidents that have resulted in injuries or even death. The cause of tire explosion while in a stationary state can be due to overinflated or worn tires.

Tires, especially large-sized tires of trucks and passenger cars, when detonated, have the power to explode like a bomb. During the repair process, when the tire is inflated, do not stand near, to prevent explosion. For drivers, always check the condition of the tires periodically to ensure that the tires are always in a safe state.

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