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iPhone or Android install more bloatware?

The iPhone comes with almost 50 pre-installed apps (bloatware), but they’re not necessarily bloatware like what Android smartphone users encounter.

According to Makeuseof, bloatware is a term often referred to on Android devices. Bloatware sends spam notifications, silently steals user data, runs in the background unnecessarily, and takes away precious device resources… So even though the iPhone has a lot of apps that are used Pre-installedbut many apps don’t behave in the style of bloatware.

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Bloatware is the obsession of many mobile device users

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Bloatware – Android obsession

Android device manufacturers tend to partner with certain companies or developers, thereby pre-installing certain apps and games on their devices. For example, various Google apps and services are also pre-installed on Android devices because they use the platform to promote their products and services.

In most cases, users can only disable those apps, not uninstall them.

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Most Android phones come pre-installed with bloatware apps

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The amount of pre-installed apps or bloatware on an Android device will vary depending on the manufacturer, model, or service pack included. Smartphones of manufacturers China known for coming with many pre-installed apps and games. They will run in the background and spam users with notifications or advertise third-party services. While some applications can be removed, some cannot.

Are pre-installed iPhone apps bloatware?

An iPhone has almost 50 application pre-installed. While some apps are meant to promote Apple’s own services like Podcasts, Maps, and the iTunes Store, not all can be called bloatware.

Unlike with Android, the built-in iOS apps rarely send any spam notifications. In addition, users will not find any third-party apps or games pre-installed on the iPhone.

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Apple devices also come pre-installed with many apps, but most are not bloatware

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Basically, iPhone has many pre-installed applications, but if the user does not open or use them, they are just present on the device without running in the background, stealing user data or sending spam notifications. This shows it’s not a real bloatware. Of course, users can also uninstall some pre-installed applications like with Android.

As such, very few pre-installed iPhone apps are bloatware, especially third-party apps – a big difference from Android devices. However, many opinions say that Apple It would be best to let iPhone users decide which apps they want to install on their phone during setup. This way, they can save storage space by not installing apps they never plan on using, bloatware or not.

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