Retail Customer Experience – A Journey of Emotions

Before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, researching customer behaviors and tracking consumption trends had become more complicated, when shopping was no longer just about going to the store. Turning the approach to capture and maintain the customer experience at every online touchpoint sounds simple, but behind it is a change of the system. From the application platform to training employees to be able to adapt, interact online via smart devices, or perform traditional consulting services, what will happen when online orders change one after another? position.

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“The shift from physical stores to online stores is the first step of a digital age customer experience strategy. Businesses understand customers in multiple ways. When understanding habits, preferences, According to their needs, the brand will easily empathize and take care of customers with the most appropriate policies,” affirmed the ByteTech representative.

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With just one message, the business has come closer to its customers.

Research by Peppers & Rogers – A company specializing in providing solutions to monitor the development of customer experience shows that 81% of businesses that are able to provide superior customer experience grow better than their competitors. side of the soup.

In recent times, when the needs of customer experience are increasingly sophisticated and diverse, not only foreign businesses but also domestic brands have focused on prioritizing building customer experience strategies. However, not all businesses have the resources to truly transform. Then, what is the solution?

New thinking, new way

A ByteTech representative said that when working, businesses still have a lot of reservations about efficiency because many Vietnamese consumers previously tended to refuse to use digital technology.

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Seeing with your own eyes, touching with your hands at a physical store is still a traditional habit of many consumers.

However, in the long term, combining the application of technology in addition to the traditional method to create flexible omnichannel experiences is a prerequisite strategy to help businesses develop more sustainably. According to ByteTech, the key here is to create a convenient consumer experience regardless of space and time distances for customers to catch up with – familiarize – accept – be satisfied and, more importantly, solve problems satisfactorily. Issues arise quickly. Research by Lee Resource Inc. shows that 95% of customers continue to trade if their issue is resolved immediately.

“Whether customers have complaints or not, we all need an effective way to deal with those silent annoyances. Gradually, the brand will gain the hearts and loyalty of the gods” representative ByteTech confirmed.

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A ByteTech representative also emphasized that dividing customer groups and creating specialized care policies to increase satisfaction is also an effective method that businesses need to pay attention to. Usually, businesses can divide customer lists into groups based on criteria such as: sales, order value, shopping frequency, products of interest, interaction channels or sales policy. This will be the basis for building a specific and personalized care strategy for each customer group, bringing tangible results in terms of numbers such as increased conversion rates and customer retention, increase revenue, reduce wasteful spending on advertising and promotions when targeting the right target audience.

When businesses know how to take advantage of digital strategies in customer experience, specifically personalizing emotional journeys with analytical data, businesses can completely achieve superiority over competitors as well as increase the level of customer satisfaction. consumer loyalty. After all, sales are extremely important, but a good long-term relationship with customers is the ultimate goal that a brand can conquer.

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