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Why do men like to eat oysters?

Many people are addicted to oysters not because it is too delicious, but they like it because the psychological factor of eating oysters will be healthy for ‘sex’.

Eat oysters to be satisfied

Among seafood, Mr. Nguyen Cong Minh (32 years old, Hanoi) likes to eat oysters, especially rare oysters. Minh said he can eat all 50 rare oysters and doesn’t need to eat anything else if he goes for seafood.

Occasionally, Mr. Minh also buys oysters to eat at home. His friend and his wife also jokingly called him by the name Minh oyster. Many people joked that his ‘sex’ must be satisfied because he ate a lot of oysters. Minh himself saw that it did not change much, but it was a food he liked so he ate a lot.

And Mr. Le Duc Tuan (Hanoi) thinks that he himself doesn’t like to eat oysters but thinks it’s good for men, so he tries to eat it. When he went with his friends, everyone ate oysters, so he tried to eat and finally knew how to eat rare oysters. Eating oysters with Mr. Tuan is not for enjoyment, but friends tell him to eat when he is full of “sex” so he should eat.

Everyone says eating oysters is good for sex. Once, when going to a seafood buffet, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Nam – Thai Nguyen tried 3 raw oysters. During that meal, only Mr. Nam and two other friends ate raw oysters. As a result, by 4 pm, all three people were poisoned by raw oysters.

On the ‘Association of Mothers with Eggs’, many wives also told each other that in the days of ovulation, they should give their husbands plenty of oysters to have a chance to have a son, if the sperm is good, the baby will be born later. .

Ms. Vu Thi Hoa – born in 1984, Ha Dong, Hanoi is also worried about sharing that she and her husband want to have a third child. Going to cut the male medicine, the doctor told her and her husband to eat a lot of oysters. Hoa also bought oysters for her husband to eat in the hope of having a child of her own. Not only eating fresh oysters, Ms. Hoa also buys oyster essence imported from Australia with the hope that “7749 support measures” will achieve her wish.

Why do men like to eat oysters?

Many wives who used to brag in egg soup to have children also add oysters to make their husbands healthier. There are also wives who believe that their husbands are more satisfied after a seafood meal.

Who should not eat?

Talking about the effect of oysters in sex, Dr. Hoang Sam – Institute of Indigenous Medicine, said that oysters are classified as zinc-rich foods and this is a good substance for men.

According to modern medicine, oysters are rich in nutritional components, rich in vitamins and organic compounds such as zinc, protein, iron, copper, selenium, vitamin D, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B12, vitamin C, etc. phosphorus, potassium, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, good cholesterol, water…

According to the concept of oriental medicine, oyster meat has a sweet, slightly salty taste, is cool, non-toxic, has the effect of yang, tonic, and blood-nourishing. Eating oysters can cure insomnia caused by heat, hot and dry people, dizziness, dizziness.

Women with pre-menopausal disorders, men with dysmenorrhea, spermatogenesis, physiological weakness, impotence, infertility… should eat oysters. In addition, zinc in oysters is an essential micronutrient that helps the body fight infections such as flu and heal wounds quickly.

However, Dr. Sam said that oysters are also easily poisoned seafood, especially the habit of eating raw oysters. Dr. Sam recommends that people with chronic liver disease, people with underlying diseases, are using drugs to treat immunodeficiency; People with a history of seafood allergy should not eat oysters.

People with digestive diseases who are having diarrhea should also not eat oysters because oysters have a fishy taste, cool properties, can cause cold stomach, diarrhea. Pregnant or lactating women should limit their intake of these foods.

According to Dr. Ha Ngoc Manh – Vietnam Belgian Hospital for Male and Female Infertility, Hanoi, life and economic pressures make many men feel weaker. Therefore, men look to oysters or other natural foods such as tuna, eggs, beef, gooseberries … or precious herbs to create more “strength” is understandable.

These foods are considered natural foods that support the natural endogenous testosterone booster for the male body. When testosterone is supplemented, physiology also improves.

However, doctor Manh said that eating oysters is enough, you must know not to think it’s good, but try to eat even 2 or 3 pounds of raw oysters, your body will have difficulty digesting, your stomach will feel uncomfortable. If you have too much testosterone, you will no longer want to have sex.

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