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My best friend told me I don’t care after a trip abroad together

I am a female under 30 years old, going to a Western country to visit a very close female friend who lives here.

We’ve been close since high school, you moved abroad in high school, you’ve remained close friends throughout college despite geographical distance. We recently went on a short trip to another city in this country, with your male relative. You and this person are very close, and you trust him too.

On the last day of the trip, we went very early, went to the bar to drink at night. You and him drink, I don’t. I have an anxiety disorder, so when I’m in the dark, full of people, playing loud music like a bar, I feel short of breath and uncomfortable. Because I don’t want to lose joy, I sit together but drink mineral water.

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Then we got back to the hotel around 12 o’clock at night. A relative invited us to gamble at the hotel. You at that time Drunk more than that guy. Because I was tired after going to the bar, mostly due to an anxiety disorder, I went to my bedroom first, so that my friends and relatives could continue playing. Then I received a message from the other guy begging to come down to play together for fun. I didn’t want to lose the fun, so I went down to play.

Near three o’clock in the morning, I suggested that I want to go back to my room to rest, so the whole group went home. On the way from the ground floor of the hotel to my bedroom, I was so busy begging the other guy to stop playing that I forgot about you. When we got into the elevator to the room, we didn’t see you, the other guy said he would go look for you. I am partly because I am too tired, moreover, I also believe that your relative should go back to the room first. Not long after entering the room, the relative took you to my room, you were really drunk so you don’t remember much. The next day we left, talking normally. I flew over to another city. After coming here, a mutual friend phoned me, saying that you felt very uncomfortable with me after that outing. I really surprise.

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After talking to you on the phone, I understood the problem, it turns out that you didn’t like the way I behaved when I left you in the hotel lobby (you told me so). You say that as a woman, something unexpected can happen. I explained that I trusted your relative very much, so I let him go to look for them, plus I had an anxiety disorder, so I felt short of breath and uncomfortable after going to the bar, so I wanted to go back to my room early.

In addition, this is the first time I see you drunk because we haven’t seen each other in a while. I also don’t drink alcohol so I don’t know how to behave properly. After sharing, you say I’m selfish, heartless, carefree. I really don’t understand the problem, nor do I want you to get hurt. Hope readers help, point out where I am wrong to solve the problem.


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