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“Starve” her husband’s sex, watch out for her husband’s “extra food”

“Starving” is a way of calling the horse’s intestines of the embargo move sex With her husband, from ancient times until the end of time, women often bring them out to use or at least… think about in life.

Touching on “starving” the first person with their hands on their knees means “starving” themselves, many people think that there is something else in your stomach, if you don’t ask for something, let your husband know.

Claims are endless, inside and outside the room are available. As predictable as a problem in bed or “unbearable” like an ultimatum forcing her husband to quit drinking; similar to the way women punish their husband for “violating to the point of disciplinary action”, mainly because of the fault of returning to surrender from the hands of the minor…

Starving her husband - the old broke the rope - Photo 1.

Many wives use the trick of “abandoning” sex to cultivate their husbands. Illustration

Not so petty, there is a book “hanging pot” that piles up more gray matter, putting sex first – the “starvation” trick sex to save lives sex“.

It sounds quite complicated, but the mechanism is actually very easy to understand, with a bit of a … circus animal: “Starving and then using food makes you sick. sex obey”.

Or more gently, “temporarily calm down so that when we come back it’s better than before”. This plan is also known as “separation”. sex” for couples who need to warm up their sex.

Leaving aside right – wrong, it is possible to realize that the mechanism of the directions is quite simple, while the implementation is… the opposite. This is also a long and troublesome story, such as “How long does the embargo avoid getting old and breaking the rope?”,

“How smart not to make your husband angry?”, especially “How to hang the husband’s pot so as not to push the loved one to the place where the rice is not cooked, then… eat at the restaurant, or even switch to eating other home-cooked meals. ?”…

There is no shortage of bad endings: After a long time without seeing her husband move, his wife blindly revoked martial law, spread a carpet to call her husband back, only to realize that Lang Quan had set up a “contingency fund” since late at night.

Low budget, small profit, risky, full of risk of loss … are the conclusions from books to reality that people give the “starvation” trick. sex husbands of any kind, ladies and gentlemen.

Women should only consider this as a way to put pressure, to have a little bit, in the short term, to change the atmosphere of the loan room… but not to use it as a way to treat or help her husband.

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