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Pity the pregnant woman who was killed by a “crazy” buffalo in Ha Giang

At noon on June 4, discussing with us, the leader of the People’s Committee of Tien Nguyen commune, Quang Son district, Ha Giang province, said that the government and people are taking care of the afterlife for the woman who is a citizen of Quang Son village. Tien Nguyen commune. This is the victim who was gored by a buffalo and died yesterday.

According to the representative of Tien Nguyen commune government, the woman is about 30 years old, currently pregnant with her second child.

Feeling sorry for a pregnant woman who was killed by a mad buffalo in Ha Giang - Photo 1.

Photos of the case provided by the people

Yesterday, this woman brought her buffalo to the field when she met another buffalo, leading to two fighting. During the struggle, the owner of the buffalo intervened, but was chased and hit by his “crazy” buffalo, leading to death.

Immediately after the incident, the local authorities and people were present to use preventive measures to prevent mad buffalo from causing further consequences. At the same time, the victim was brought back to his family to take care of the aftermath.

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