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Qualcomm wants to form an alliance to acquire ARM

After Nvidia failed to buy ARM from SoftBank, Qualcomm is planning to replace Nvidia but with a completely different approach.

Follow GSMArenathe plan of Qualcomm is to build a consortium of companies, each of which will own a small portion of ARM. Essentially, this will ensure that ARM remains an independent company.

Previously, Qualcomm vehemently opposed the acquisition plan of Nvidia considering that ARM is important to the industry technology, and having them owned by a chipmaker would have a devastating effect on the competition (SoftBank doesn’t just make semiconductors). If more companies have shares, the playing field will be more level.

Qualcomm wants to form an alliance to acquire ARM - Photo 1

Qualcomm can buy ARM if it forms a consortium to ensure ARM remains an independent company


Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has hinted that Intel could support such a consortium. Gelsinger is said to have met with Samsung boss Lee Jae-yong to discuss a partnership on the endeavor. Meanwhile, the chip maker’s CEO Park Jung-ho Korea SK Hynix, also talked about forming a similar consortium.

While these companies negotiate with each other, SoftBank is said to have plans to list ARM on Stock exchanges New York. That could pose a problem because of the UK government, which is still debating what to do to get ARM listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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