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Tieu Chien received a “rain of compliments” with the fairy image in Ngoc Cot Dao

Recently, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year (May 5), the film crew Jade Bone Knife released the poster with the appearance of the male lead Xiao Zhan.

Tieu Chien received a

Tieu Chien’s extremely handsome appearance in Ngoc Cot Dao

In the released photo, fans can’t help but admire the top visual of Tieu Chien’s top, the perfect angle and high nose bridge attracting all eyes. Besides, the bright color outfit helps Tieu Chien stand out even more.

However, there are also some netizens who think that Tieu Chien seems to be trying hard in this photo?

Tieu Chien received a

Tieu Chien is fully praised in Ngoc Cot Dao

Not long ago, netizens simultaneously shared photos of Tieu Chien and Nham Man with matching turquoise outfits. The two’s beauty makes everyone flutter because they are so beautiful together.

However, the thing that makes people “howling” the most is Tieu Chien’s rather cakey outfit with two floral lapels. However, many people still have to say, “Tieu Chien is so overweight, even though the outfit is a bit soft”.

Tieu Chien was born in 1991, popular since the summer of 2019 with a super product Tran Tinh Lenh. In the same year, the movie Tru Tien he starred in topped the Chinese box office during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The actor is currently an expensive A-list star in events and advertising, always in the top of the most sought-after stars.

Tieu Chien received a

Ngoc Cot Dao started the machine on March 28, 2021, closed on August 4, 2021

Jade Bone Knife Machine started on March 28, 2021, closed on August 4, 2021. Right from the very beginning of filming, Jade Bone Knife has become a super hot topic of discussion on Weibo for many days. The index of hotness also overwhelmed other films that were airing at that time such as Son Ha Lenh, Douluo Mainland…

This is expected to become the black horse on the movie racing scene in the near future. At the same time, according to netizens, Jade Bone Knife will become Tran Tinh Lenh second, bringing Tieu Chien’s name to a new level after a long period of silence, only a few old films were broadcast.

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