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Should abstain from sex or not?

And there are also cases for health reasons, work, away from family, so sex is very sparse. So fasting sex – should or not, if long fasting affects health like?

Needs and benefits

The need for sex is inherently a legitimate human need, it brings a lot of health benefits. When we begin puberty, we have a need to discover ourselves, about physiology. So sex is not only a need, but it also helps us better understand physiology. In men and women, when they reach adulthood, they have sexual desires and needs that need to be satisfied and relieved. This need depends on the age and health of each person. When sex in moderation will be very beneficial for health. It promotes the immune system and increases resistance, reduces fatigue because it is a form of exercise. In addition, sex also stimulates the circulation of blood vessels to the heart, protects the brain, increases longevity, helps muscles and bones to move more easily…

Sex in general, pleasure in particular, has long been known to be an effective sedative for couples. When reaching orgasm, it is found in the blood of the subject that hormones have the effect of creating pleasure and love in high levels. Sex and the sublimation of love between couples is an important factor for health, helping people to satisfy their physiology, making people happy, excited… is the motivation to study and work. Sex is an important part of life. Regular sex is also an optimal way to keep healthy and young for everyone. However, for some reason, some people have to abstain from sex, how does this affect health, should or not?

What happens when you abstain from sex?

People who refrain from sex for a long time (both men and women) are often fastidious, unable to control their anger… work efficiency and quality of life are therefore also reduced. The family atmosphere is tense, which easily leads to adultery. When there is a lack of sex or unsatisfactory sex, people always feel frustrated, irritable, feel uneasy, uncomfortable, always in an uncomfortable state, difficult to concentrate…

Should abstain from sex or not?  - first

Unsatisfied sex life often leads to discomfort and distraction.

For men: Sex brings many health benefits for men such as boosting the immune system, enhancing resistance, reducing fatigue, even stimulating the circulation of blood vessels.

So erratic or completely abstaining from sex also adversely affects health, causing diseases of the prostate gland, seminal vesicles… Lack of sex in men is prone to psychological disorders. According to researchers, men who have a lack of sex, such as because their wives quit for a long time, or because their wives do not meet their needs, are prone to psychological disorders such as irritability, anger for no reason. There are many people who even use it as an excuse to criticize their spouse. If the lack of sex for too long, the man will fall into a state of excessive stress and have to look elsewhere to solve the problem. Without sex, without much exercise, it is easy for a man’s body to eat without appetite. Besides, he also no longer has deep sleep, because he is always tossing and turning, thinking about problems in married life.

When sex is lacking or sex is not satisfied, people will feel frustrated, irritable, uncomfortable, always in an uncomfortable state and have difficulty concentrating…

Therefore, abstaining from sex with men is very dangerous, so it is very necessary to have enough sex to help men’s spirits be more comfortable. In addition to reducing pressure from work and increasing his confidence, sex also avoids depression and physical weakness. The habit of regular sexual activities keeps the gentlemen in a comfortable mood, dispelling all worries and frustrations. This, scientists tested with a lot of men. If sex is regular, their mood changes in a visible and positive direction.

For women: Many women believe that in women, the need for sex is low or not high, even after giving birth many women are no longer interested in it and this does not matter. These are false assumptions.

The need for sex in women is often little or not expressed, but without sex, it is not good for health. Researchers show that if women are not satisfied with sex, it will affect the central nervous system, psychologically inhibit, age faster, menopause earlier. In particular, sex and heart “live” on each other, one side is prosperous, the other side “enjoys” and vice versa.

In fact, the vast majority of women, health and sex life are closely related, playing an important role in a woman’s life. A healthy and regular sex life is very beneficial for women’s health, helping their bodies to prevent many diseases. Some women are older, do not have a normal sex life, or abstain from sex completely, the unmet desires will affect the genital organs, causing the vagina to reduce mucus secretion or dry. For example, resistance decreases, making women more susceptible to diseases such as vaginal transmission, cervicitis or pelvic inflammatory disease.

In addition, in recent years, the number of women with breast cancer in their 30s has increased, and women who have not been married or have given birth have a high risk of getting the disease. All of the above diseases are closely related to the emotional and sexual life of women.

Not having a boyfriend or not being married, not having a normal sex life makes a woman often endure the pressures of living alone without a place to vent, eventually leading to depression. mental and physical effects on women.

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Sex brings many health benefits to men.

Doctor’s advice

Sex and the sublimation of love between couples is an important factor for health, helping people to satisfy their physiology, making people happy, excited… is the motivation to study and work. Sex is an important part of life. Therefore, in order to maintain family happiness and our own health, we should arrange work, family affairs reasonably, do not let it affect our sex life and regular “sex” is also important. an optimal way to keep healthy and young for everyone.

Scientists have confirmed that the body is nourished, youth is prolonged if sex is taken place regularly and in moderation, for a minimum period of half an hour. If you practice sex regularly, your life expectancy will be added 9 years. Statistically, married people live longer than single people, and the happier the marriage, the longer they live. Scientists also think that having sex with the same object (wife or husband) is more beneficial than with strangers, first of all for men. Faithful couples are four times less likely to be depressed than those who prefer to turn left. Sexual activity also stimulates brain cells. Therefore, regular sex will help both men and women more lucid and prolong life.

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