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The ancients said that if you plant 6 trees at home, your family will be prosperous

Tree of Perpetual Youth

This is a simple plant but very eye-catching when decorated in front of the house. In terms of feng shui, this plant has the ability to create a peaceful space for the home of the owner, so that people feel comfortable and secure to enter the gate.

In addition, millennium youth is also considered a medicine in traditional medicine because of its effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, and reducing body weakness for those who drink it. Moreover, this is a plant that plays a role in filtering toxic compounds such as toluene in the air according to a study published in NCBI in 2017, and this will help keep your home space cleaner.

The ancients said that when a house planted 6 trees, the family prospered - Photo 1.

Palm tree scene

The tools taught: “Before areca, after bananas” to refer to the order of planting trees in accordance with feng shui. According to feng shui, areca belongs to Moc, Moc gives birth to Fire, so it helps the road to develop well.

The areca has a straight, slender body that does not block light from entering the house. In feng shui, people are very reluctant to plant trees with too large canopy, blocking the source of natural light shining into the house because this will reduce the yang and increase the yin of the house.

In addition, this tree is also less deciduous, so it does not take much time to clean up. Another advantage of the areca tree is that it is easy to live, easy to care for, and has a long life. Note, when planting areca in front of the house, homeowners should plant in pairs to harmonize and balance yin and yang.

Orange, lemon, kumquat tree

Normally, kumquat trees are often displayed in front of the house on traditional New Year days not only to beautify the Tet space but also be believed to bring good luck and good health to the homeowner. In addition, they also symbolize a “bumpy” new year for the owner.

Other trees that are related to kumquats such as lemons and oranges also carry a common symbol of bringing prosperity and luck and joy to family members.

The ancients said that when a house planted 6 trees, the family prospered - Photo 2.

Barringtonia acutangula

Sesame is a precious plant with good feng shui meaning. The cypress tree has a very long lifespan. The “older” sesame buds are often sold at a very high price. In the flower season, each bunch of soft red flowers bloom, creating a very beautiful scene. The red color of the flower also symbolizes luck, associated with the meaning of prosperity.

In addition, the word “lucky” in the name “lucky sesame” is associated with the implication of prosperity and fortune. The big tree stands for steadfast will. The longevity of a tall tree conveys people’s desire for a healthy and long life.

Flower tree

According to feng shui, luck and wealth will come to the homeowner if they plant a rosemary tree in front of the house, and even grandparents have a saying “A tree in front of the house without treasure will also attract money”. .

In addition to the use of feng shui mentioned above, the plant is also used as food, tea or even medicine. Specifically, flowers are also used to help nourish the brain, prolong life, brighten eyes, benefit gas, … With the above uses, it is not wrong to call this a plant that brings luck to the family. owner.

The ancients said that when a house planted 6 trees, the family prospered - Photo 3.

Bamboo tree, bamboo

In Vietnamese, the word “bamboo” has the same pronunciation as “chuc”, so it symbolizes good wishes. If the homeowner has bamboo planted in front and behind the house, according to feng shui, it will bring good things to the family.

Similar to bamboo, bamboo also has the same meaning. And both of these plants do not need you to take care of them too much because it can completely survive on its own even if the living conditions are difficult.

Bamboo is a symbol of longevity because it is a plant that stays green all year round in any weather and can still thrive in very difficult conditions.

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