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Amber Heard after losing the lawsuit

Follow People, a source close to Amber Heard said that the actress spends weekends with her one-year-old daughter Oonagh Paige. Star Aquaman also wishes to spend more time with his family after more than 6 weeks of pursuing a lawsuit against Johnny Depp.

“For now, she wants to focus on her daughter. The lawsuit has taken a lot of time from a mother. Heard is looking forward to a happy summer break with her daughter and family.” People quoted sources.

Amber Heard after losing the lawsuit - Photo 1.

Heard spent time with his daughter after the lawsuit closed. Photo: @amberheard.

This person revealed that Heard still feels upset about the outcome of the lawsuit. She was disappointed by the final verdict from the jury. Therefore, the actress and her lawyer will discuss and discuss to continue the appeal.

As for Johnny Depp, a source says he is focusing on himself. The actor felt relieved like a burden after winning his ex-wife in a defamation lawsuit.

Depp also wants to restore his film career, although this time the actor mainly sings.

“Depp loves music but acting is his life. He cannot sit there and watch his film career suffer. Depp hopes to revive his career. He is still finding his way back to life. again,” the source said.

On June 1 (local time), the court ruled that Johnny Depp won the defamation trial. You are accepted 10.35 million USD compensation from ex-wife.

“From the very beginning, the purpose of the lawsuit has been to reveal the truth, regardless of the outcome. Speaking the truth is something I owe my children and those who are steadfastly supporting me. I feel fulfilled. when I finally got it done,” Depp shared after the lawsuit ended.

On the contrary, Heard said: “I am very sad that I lost the lawsuit. But what makes me sadder is that I seem to have lost my right to speak freely and openly as an American citizen.”

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