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Excessive drinking while driving is a criminal offense in some countries

Thai Thanh (TV reporter in the US)Tuesday, June 7, 2022 06:00 GMT+7

In many places in the US and Canada, students have to study for 3 hours about the harmful effects of alcohol while driving before learning the theory and being warned, if you plan to drink alcohol, you must not drive. An excessive drop of alcohol can lead to prosecution. Many states even penalize drivers when they find an unopened bottle of alcohol in their car.

Traffic characteristics in North America, with a high density of vehicles, moving at a high speed, just swerving, in the wrong lane, camouflaged traffic police will appear and check. If the alcohol content exceeds the legal limit, sanctions will be applied.

Drinking excessively while driving is a criminal offense in some countries - Photo 1.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Viet – City of London, Canada said: “If you violate, the first thing is to be handcuffed and then lose the right to control the car, having your driver’s license revoked. This behavior is considered a criminal offence. Even though it has not caused an accident, it is considered a very serious crime.

Some places give a prison sentence for driving with an alcohol concentration higher than the legal limit, forcing them to participate in community service or forcing car owners to buy an alcohol test device installed in the car, the car can only start when the concentration is high. Alcohol is below the legal limit. Other economic consequences of being found to have drunk more than the legal driving limit take a long time to return to normal.

With such strict measures, but according to statistics in North America, one person dies every 10 seconds, one person is injured in a traffic accident.

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