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The owner of the penthouse apartment designed a chill balcony with a mini rose garden

The penthouse in Hanoi was handed over raw, so every stage from design and construction is devoted to the owner. In particular, the balcony area is designed into a very cool mini rose garden.

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The apartment of more than 100m2 in Ha Dong (Hanoi) is the second apartment owned by Tran Kim Chi and her husband. This is the apartment penthouse Received rough handover, so every stage from design and construction was devoted to the couple.

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She hired an architect to design the maximum use and division of spaces. “I advise you, if you receive a rough handover, it is best to invite an architect. Because they are very “super” in the problem of division of functions. Every area is fully utilized, even the extra corners,” shared Chi.

The design and decoration style part, the couple made up their own ideas and bought things according to their own preferences. Accordingly, the apartment is divided into 3 bedrooms, 1 dressing room with a large bedroom, 1 living room, 1 kitchen (her house separates the kitchen to avoid odors for the living room and private space).

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1 open facing balcony 11m long, extending throughout the apartment, through all 3 bedrooms. In addition, the apartment has 1 extra balcony for drying clothes, 2 bathrooms.

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The eye-catching rose garden on the balcony is that her husband designed the pots and placed them according to the size of the house.

Furniture and decor she bought individually and combined.

Both husband and wife love plants, so there are many trees in the house and balcony.

The kitchen is the inspiration for her to cook delicious dishes for her family.

This kitchen was designed and set up by the couple themselves, from the paint color of the kitchen cabinets, the arrangement of the cabinets or even the knob of the kitchen cabinet door, so they feel that everything is right.

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Kitchen utensils are hot tones because she is destined for fire, so she likes red, but the tableware is white for easy display. “The cast iron pot cooks delicious food, quickly, saves electricity because of its good heat, and can be put in the dishwasher after cooking,” said Chi.

Kitchen cabinet material: The upper cabinet system is made of An Cuong industrial wood. The lower cabinet system is made of water-resistant composite plastic and ensures durability over time. The equipment attached to the kitchen, you put it before you close the kitchen cabinet to install it, it’s always standard.

Chi loves baking and cooking, so she buys many kitchen tools and utensils. The white multi-function pot is suitable for the kitchen space.

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Exquisite baking tray with sweet orange sponge cake.

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Afternoon tea with English rose tea on the windy balcony.

The house space is decorated according to each theme of the year.

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This apartment, Ms. Chi has devoted a lot of effort to design and has a meaningful time living here. For some reason, she needed to change her place to a larger place, so she sold it. However, thanks to that, she has accumulated a lot of experience in designing and decorating homes.

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