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Feet “different” and decided to help Nadal become “hegemonic” tennis

(Sports news, tennis news) If he had a normal foot, Rafael Nadal would be even greater than he is now.


Video Nadal Ruud match, Roland Garros final 2022

In 2021 due to an almost chronic foot injury Rafael Nadal missed most of the season. Returning to the 2022 season with a not-so-perfect body, “Gaur” Nadal competed very successfully with the Australian Open title, then won in Acapulco and reached the final in Indian Wells.

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Injured Nadal wins 14th Roland Garros

At the Rome Masters, Nadal made fans feel nervous again when he lost to Denis Shapovalov and left the field with limp steps. Going to Roland Garros 2022 with many doubts, “Gaur” continues to make fans anxious because he constantly talked about a foot injury during his participation in the tournament.

Ultimately, Nadal’s “Gaur” energy subdued everything, with pain medication injections, causing his left leg to almost lose feeling. The Spaniard overcame all opponents to win his 14th Roland Garros title, reaching 22 Grand Slam titles.

In fact, Nadal has struggled with the peculiar structure of his left foot throughout his career. Rafa’s left leg suffered from Muller-Weiss syndrome, which first appeared in 2004. At that time, Nadal had to move on crutches, and even thought about retiring.

This is a rare disease that involves deforming a small part of the bone in the middle of the foot. It makes it difficult for the patient to move, creating persistent pain, sometimes almost unbearable. Jesus Vila Rico, magazine director of the Spanish Society of Orthopedic and Traumatology, once told the media: “This is a childhood disease that begins to develop symptoms at the age of 20. , even 30 years old. This syndrome affects people with flat feet. It’s innate.”

In Nadal’s case, frequent intense activity contributed to the earlier onset of the disease. When this particular bone is subjected to too much pressure for a long time, the pain becomes worse.

When he was diagnosed with the disease, Nadal was designed a special shoe, with a lining that conforms to the shape of his foot. “They change pressure, relieve pressure from the outside, and correct the tendency of the foot,” says the doctor.

The specially designed shoe has helped Nadal play comfortably and become a monument tennis, however in the last few years it has stopped giving him pain relief. To eliminate chronic pain in his left foot during competition, Nadal has to use pain-relieving injections. The injections directly affect the nerves, causing “Gaur” to lose his sense of pain, but his legs are also almost completely numb.

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Nadal suffers from Muller-Weiss syndrome

Playing with an “emotionless” foot can cause unwanted injuries, Rafa knows but still accepts. This bold decision helps him put in the effort to play in the matches, and then win the Roland Garros 2022 championship. However, “Gaur” may not want to take the risk anymore.

Nadal is headed for surgery, trauma specialist Diego Garcia-German explains: “The surgery turns a joint into a mass of bone. Obviously this reduces the pain, movement no longer creates pain but but can have consequences because of reduced mobility”.

In addition, recovery from surgery will take a long time and it is not certain that athletes can continue to perform high intensity activities. Nadal wants surgery so that the pain is no longer tormenting, but it may cause him to soon have to retire from the top tennis career.


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