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The secret to studying for ‘sprint’ in class 10 in Hanoi gets high marks

Here are some tips from experienced teachers for candidates preparing for the 10th grade public high school entrance exam:

Mr. Bui Manh Tung – Math teacher, Trung Vuong Secondary School (Hanoi):

Taking the Math test in the 10th grade entrance exam, candidates need to pay attention to some strategies.

To choose for themselves the best approach to the Math test, you need to pay attention: The characteristics of the leveling test in which the simpler the question, the higher the score.

In addition, the test also distributes levels: In the past 10 years, the test usually allocates about 50% of the Perception level: lessons I.1, I.2, II.1, II.2, III.1, IV.1; 20% points at Comprehension level: lessons III.2a, IV.2; 20% points at the level of Applying: lesson I.3, III.2b and 10% of points at the level of high application: lesson IV.3, V.

The secret to studying for sprints, taking Math and Literature exams in grade 10, Hanoi gets high scores - Photo 1.

One piece of advice that never gets old for them is that the questions are easy to do first, difficult to do later and students should base themselves on certain strengths/weaknesses of the subject. They need to understand their strengths and weaknesses, prioritize the areas they are stronger to do first and get the maximum score first.

You must also know how to allocate your time because this is very important. You should estimate how much time you spend in each area of ​​knowledge, to review. If there is a problem, how much time should be spent on that article, if it is too long, accept the transfer, avoiding too long in a specific post.

Ms. Vu Thi Do Quyen – Teacher of Literature, Luong The Vinh High School (Hanoi):

I think that in order to get a high score in the exam, students must have a suitable review method, especially the sprint period.

In my opinion, this time candidates must focus and focus on systematizing basic knowledge. After mastering the knowledge, students apply the presentation of the lesson according to the topic types.

In addition, they also pay attention to their ability to express themselves as well as practice psychologically in the exam room.

With the form of exercises on social discourse, when practicing at home, students need to master the structure of the paragraph layout as well as not confuse the paragraph with the essay, stick to the content of the reading comprehension text to avoid rambling. .

In order to do well on the test, get the desired score, students need to read the question carefully, not in a hurry to avoid incorrect or missing answers. For applied sentences, students should evaluate and see the problem in many dimensions to make the article more profound and objective.

These skills must be mastered by students when doing the test at home, so that when they take the test, they won’t be psychologically tested in the exam room.

In the process of reviewing the literary essay part, candidates also always remember to ensure the layout of the literary essay, grasp the basic knowledge of each work, the topic, the artistic characteristics as well as the author’s style. .

Because, when understanding the author’s style, candidates can easily stick to the text, analyze the feelings of the text to see the beauty and beauty of each work.

One thing I note to them is that in the process of reviewing, they must form a habit of drafting about the lesson layout and outline – this is an essential skill that many students overlook and ignore.

Of course, you don’t have to draft too much, but make a brief outline to get an overview of the article, avoid being absorbed in writing but the article lacks ideas and lacks time to do the test.

Finally, have a diet, sleep, scientific rest to have the best health, ready for the upcoming exam.

Applications for 10th grade private schools increased rapidly

Mr. Trinh Hung Son – Principal of Ly Thai To High School (Hanoi) said: Last year the school received about 900 applications, this year 1,400 applications while there are only 360 targets.

Some other schools also recorded an increase in the number of applications for 10th grade. Specifically, Ta Quang Buu Middle School – High School currently has received more than 2,000 dossier sets. Compared to last year, the number of applications for admission to the school this year increased by about 15%.

Ms. Van Lien Na, Vice Principal of Luong The Vinh School, said that the school has not yet counted the number of applications submitted for admission. However, last year’s enrollment period, the school received about 3,000 applications for admission to grade 10, while the quota for both campuses was only 600 students. It is expected that this year, the rate of applications submitted to more than 3,000 sets, more than last year.

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