This start-up’s upcoming app will pay you $5 if you don’t drink

Using bonuses as a gift promises to help alcoholics reduce bad behaviors and encourage positive habits.

Using apps, games, and other technology to help treat conditions like addiction is known as digital therapy.

App users get paid 5 USD/day if they don’t drink

DynamiCare co-founder David Gastfriend told the Boston Globe: “All drugs of abuse disrupt the brain’s reward center. When we just put people in rehab and then send them in for counseling. It doesn’t work. Use your thinking brain. your mindset to try and get over the reward center. The problem is that behavior works in the opposite direction.”

A 2011 study found that researchers, clinicians, and the general public are equally skeptical of preventive management treatments, also known as reward approaches.

This start-up's upcoming app will pay you $5 if you don't drink - Photo 1.

Gasfriend will not allow users to spend money for certain purposes or in certain situations and monitor other users’ behaviors. The app can also link to a ventilator that supports Bluetooth connectivity to ensure the user stays awake.

Some people struggling with drug and alcohol abuse may benefit from these apps or religious, community or even drug groups.

It is not clear when the application (without an official name) will be released to the market.

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