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Going back to Chuon village to eat cakes and love orca fish “remember” the wife

Going back to Chuon village to eat cakes and love orca fish

Ornamental fish cake. Photo: Hoa Vang

According to the elders of Chuon village, the dish was originally called “smoke” cake, because in the past, every time this dish was processed, people stood and sat directly by the wood stove, the smoke stinging their eyes. called smoke cake. Later, it may be because the Hue people misread it as “banh Khoai”.

After walking around the market of Chuon village, I stopped by O Lanh’s orca cake shop, nestled in a corner of the market, with more than 30 years of “seniorship” of selling orchid fish cakes. O Lanh quickly molded seven cake molds sizzling on the fire while talking with a charming smile from Hue. O said, the main ingredients to make this cake are rice flour, orcas and peanut oil, raw bean sprouts, Thuan An fish sauce or scad fish fish sauce in Fishing and Ha villages.
Orcas are fish that live in brackish water lagoons, especially orcas living in Chuon lagoon, San lagoon on Tam Giang lagoon are very delicious. In the open basket, the fresh yellow orcas are still jumping. If you want to have delicious orca fish cakes, the processor only chooses orcas only as big as two or three fingers, the meat is sweet, crispy, soft, fragrant, fatty “meat”. The current price of orcas at Chuon village market is about 300,000 VND/kg.

Going back to Chuon village to eat cakes and love the orca fish

Ornamental fish has eye-catching colors and is used as a filling for cakes. Photo: Hoa Vang

Chuon village market is located in Phu An commune (Phu Vang, Thua Thien Hue), 12km from the center of Hue city. Although it is a small rural market, goods and agricultural products are few, but they are sold quite a lot. In particular, at the market, there are many places selling orchid fish cakes such as Mrs. Nay, Mrs. Het, Mrs. Hoa, o Lanh… which “cannot be found anywhere”.

Ornamental fish cake sold at Chuon village market is made from rice flour, must be rice from Chuon village field, soaked for 4 to 5 hours before grinding into powder. The filling of the cake is definitely fresh and delicious golden orca fish that have just been “picked up” from the vast Chuon lagoon. A delicious cake will have apricot yellow color, the original sweetness of rice starch, of fresh or “semi-baked” orcas, and the aroma of fresh onions without fat. Banh Khoai will be served with raw bean sprouts and pure fish sauce with chili and garlic added.

Want to eat this rustic cake, just go to Chuon village market to choose a favorite spot, crouched by the kitchen, the owner of the restaurant after pouring what is done is dipping it with delicious chili garlic fish sauce, hot and blowing while eating. Each cake has from 1 to 2 orcas, when cooked, the color is almost burnt, emitting the smell of “grilled fish”, delicious and strangely attractive. In addition, visitors can buy orca fish sold nearby and then bring in thanks to the “O” cast for them. Visitors only pay for other ingredients and not much work.

Returning to Chuon village to eat cakes and love orca fish

Huynh Thi Lanh’s shop (also known as o Lanh) is located humbly in a corner of the market in Chuon village, with a “senior” 30 years of selling orchid fish cakes. Photo: Hoa Vang

While waiting for the cake to cook, hear the sizzling sound of the dough when it is poured into the hot oil mold, the eyes will see the color of the cake, the nose can smell the aroma and the mouth is ready to enjoy the delicious special flavor. , the charm of the orca cake.

Hue is famous for its delicious pancakes served with raw vegetables and elaborately prepared broth right in Hue city, which has captivated many tourists. However, many tourists, including us, still like to leisurely return to Chuon village to enjoy delicious cakes at Chuon village market.

Love eating orca fish cake, even though it’s quite far from the city, on weekends people still drive to Chuon village market to eat. After enjoying, buy a few dozen to bring to the city as gifts for relatives. The price of each orca cake (depending on how big or small the fish is) is from 25,000 to 30,000 VND, 2 people eating 4 cakes is enough to fill their stomach.

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