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Small beautiful wedding in a white setting, the bride looked at the aisle and burst into tears

On the wedding day, there are many emotional moments that bring people to tears.

A wedding that took place on the outdoor lawn with beautiful decorations that made the bride cry has been shared. Let’s find out how to prepare for this wedding.

Preparation journey

The bride and groom have rented a resort with their family to hold an outdoor wedding on the lawn. The scenery here is beautiful with good lighting, gentle breeze, sunny sky.

They choose white tones for the wedding with tables and chairs, backdrops and decorative silk ribbons.

As for the chosen wedding flowers, there are white flowers mixed with some very delicate yellow flowers.

Outside, the bride and groom choose large white pinwheels to decorate the welcome gate.

They also selected some photos of both of them from baby to adult to make a big picture frame at the check-in door.

Welcome table

The bride and groom choose very lovely items to decorate the table to welcome guests. All have gentle tones suitable for the wedding scene.

In addition, there is a water table with several types of juices, soft drinks and wines.

Beautiful small wedding in a white setting, the bride looked at the aisle and immediately burst into tears, the groom's father kept on crying!  - Photo 3.

As soon as she saw the image of the ceremony being so beautiful and meticulous, the bride fell on the groom’s shoulder and burst into tears of emotion and happiness. Obviously, the groom really helped the bride have an unforgettable wedding.

Event date wedding

The bride and groom do makeup together at the resort. The groom even went into the room to watch his bride meticulously put on makeup.

The father of the bride wears jewelry for his daughter as a family tradition.

The bride wears a light wedding dress and because her hair is short, she uses a hat to create a haughty look for the wedding.

The groom himself helped his wife put on her wedding shoes. Together, they walked out of the room holding hands to get on a flower car to go to the wedding venue.

The couple arrived earlier than the guests to take pictures. They had intimate and emotional moments with each other.

Welcoming guests

There is so much emotion in this wedding. Being an emotional person, the bride constantly sheds tears when welcoming guests and receiving happy wishes from them.

The couple hosted the wedding themselves without inviting a host.

This wedding is really refreshing when there are light games for the guests.

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Conduct the wedding ceremony

The bride changed into another wedding dress to serve the official wedding ceremony. Instead of a hat, she used a white magnifying glass to prepare to enter the aisle.

The bride was led into the wedding hall by her father and delivered to the groom. The bride’s father’s advice to the groom made her unable to hold back her tears. Besides, the groom’s father was also moved to tears at this meaningful moment.

The groom’s best friend brought the ring to the stage. The groom knelt down to say his vows and gave the ring to his wife. The ceremony was gentle but very emotional.

After that, the bride and groom also prepared rings and watches for their parents. Parents wore each other on stage. This is also an activity to strengthen family affection.

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The bride and groom continued to read letters to each other, and there were tears on both sides of the family. It seems that the groom’s father is an emotional person who constantly bursts into tears on the children’s happy day.

Game part of the wedding ceremony

Wiping away the tears, the guests and the bride and groom participated in the games. Parents on both sides really joined in this excitement. It can be said that the wedding does not have an MC, only the bride and groom are self-hosted but very complete. There were many moving moments to tears and there were times when the whole school burst into laughter because of the joy and excitement.

With a wedding, the most important thing must be the feelings of the insiders for each other. And the bride and groom in the above story must have had an unexpected wedding!

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