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How does the community respond to “World Hand Hygiene Day 5/5”?

Friday, June 10, 2022 14:00 PM (GMT+7)

All of this is shown through the enthusiastic participation of people across the country for the “Clean Hands – Protecting Community” Photography/Painting Contest, organized by the General Department of Population and Family Planning (GSO) DS-Family Planning), implemented by the Ministry of Health, with the companionship of Aiken brand.

It is known that the contest is part of a series of activities to respond to World Hand Hygiene Day on May 5 this year of the World Health Organization (WHO). In the past years, this event was mainly held to remind people working in the medical field to maintain the habit of keeping their hands clean to limit back infection in hospitals, thereby not only helping patients get better health care and recovery, but also protect the doctors and medical staff themselves. This year alone, in the context that most countries in the world have been entering a phase of safe coexistence with the pandemic, WHO has decided to turn the action of “hand hygiene and disinfecting” into a story of “nothing”. personally” and bring World Hand Hygiene Day 5/5 to reach more widely to a large number of people. That is, all people – no matter who they are, what they are doing, where they live… – also remember and maintain the habit of hand hygiene to protect the health of themselves and those around them.

How does the community respond to

Hand washing not only plays an important role in the medical field, but it is also an essential activity in daily life.

After more than 3 weeks of launching, the contest has received an enthusiastic response and participation from many stakeholders in the community: from health workers, population officials, adults to children…, This is demonstrated by the following impressive numbers:

How does the community respond to

Not only overwhelming in terms of quantity, the entries sent to the Organizing Committee also made a strong impression on both quality and creativity.

From the paintings with carefully invested drawings, the content clearly shows the spirit of keeping hands clean of the contest…

How does the community respond to

The contest entry from little Uyen Nhi – currently a 3rd grader – got the idea from 6 standard steps of hand washing as recommended by the Ministry of Health. Although still young, it can be seen that Uyen Nhi soon possessed a talent for painting, and at the same time she was very conscious of keeping her hands clean to protect her health. In the picture, Uyen Nhi also cleverly integrates the image of her favorite antibacterial hand sanitizer product, which is Aiken Hand Sanitizer with the ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria, so cute!

How does the community respond to

This artistic work was sent from Xuan Hoa Kindergarten in Vinh Phuc province. The drawing conveys a meaningful message that: each individual, each family should have a sense of hand hygiene, wear a mask, etc. such as fighting against the enemy, so that each child can go to school with peace of mind, and each citizen has a prosperous and happy life.

How does the community respond to

The painting of “child painter” Bao Chau (6 years old) implies two contrasting contents. On the one hand, hands are always clean, bringing a bright sky, giving strength to doctors and the community to fight off the epidemic, and protect everyone’s health. The other side is dirty hands that make the doctors and community struggle against the epidemic. Through this, Bao Chau hopes everyone should always maintain hand hygiene to repel the epidemic and protect the world!

… to the contest entries in the form of photos, which show the content of keeping hands clean

How does the community respond to

Children are extremely susceptible to COVID-19 and are at high risk of infection. Moreover, because of their young age, many times they cannot remember and strictly follow the 5K recommendations, especially the habit of proper hand hygiene. Understanding this, teachers at many kindergartens have taught 6 steps to properly wash their hands like this, helping them make good use of the “free and effective dose of vaccine” to protect their health. .

How does the community respond to

Hospital-acquired infections are a top challenge and concern in Vietnam because it increases mortality and treatment costs, prolongs hospital stay, etc. However, this is completely preventable through habit of frequent hand hygiene. This is a simple but effective job that helps prevent hospital-acquired infections, and is a measure to ensure the safety of medical staff in patient care and treatment practices, and to avoid cross-infection.

Currently, the contest is entering the “sprint” phase and is about to find the owners of attractive prizes with a total value of up to 110,000,000 VND. Join today to spread more widely the message “Clean hands, protect the community” to a large number of people across the country, join hands to fight the epidemic!

For details on the rules and how to participate, please see more at:

Accompanying with the General Department of Population – Family Planning (DS-Family Planning), Aiken brand – Antibacterial specialist is pleased to continue to become a communication bridge, implementing a series of activities in response to “Hand Hygiene Day” World 5/5″ helps spread the message: “Clean hands, Protect the community”, emphasizing the need for hand washing, even in the current context of safe living with COVID-19 .

How does the community respond to

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