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Shaken half of match score 59-1: Own goal 41 goals, referee suspended for 10 years

In the South African fourth division, a strange match took place when up to 60 goals were scored, including 41 own goals.

Football is one of those sports where the scoreboard rarely shows two-digit numbers. Therefore, the score 59-1 in a match in South Africa is shaking the world. Even more special when 41/59 goals are home goals.

Shaken semi-final match score 59-1: Own goal 41 goals, referee suspended for 10 years - 1

The players of the team Shivulani Dangerous Tigers

According to Goal, this is a rare story that took place in the final round of the South African fourth division three weeks ago. Shivulani Dangerous Tigers and Matiyasi FC are the two teams competing for the championship, thereby having a promotion slot. Shivulani has a big advantage in the last day with a much better sub-stat (+16).

Therefore, all they need to do is win against Kotoko Happy Boys if everything goes as normal. Meanwhile, Matiyasi FC has to face the third place team, Nsami Mighty Birds. However, things turned out to be extremely unusual.

Nsami Mighty Birds Club lost with a score of 1-59, of which 41 times the players of this team kicked their own goals. Nsami only played with 7 people after 4 players received red cards from the referee. This unusual incident caused the South African authorities to step in.

“We have thoroughly investigated the cause of the incident. Matiyasi and Nsami did not want to give Shivulani promotion, so they shook hands to sell the match. In this match, some of the goals weren’t even real. The match’s umpire recorded too sloppy as “Player 2 scored 10 own goals, Player 5 scored 20 own goals” and when we investigated, no one remembers where that goal happened. how”.

However, the funny story does not stop there. After hearing that Matiyasi won 22-0 after the first half ended, Shivulani reacted immediately. The Kotoko Happy Boys players suddenly took sick leave midway and also left exactly 7 players on the field.

As a result, Shivulani won with the score… 33-1. Therefore, this match also caught the eye of the authorities and of course the two teams mentioned above also sold the match. The investigation quickly ended. These 4 teams had to receive appropriate punishment.

Four clubs Matiyasi, Shivulani, Kotoko and Nsami were banned from football for life. The players involved in the incident are banned from activities related to football at least 5 years, including 5 players under 21 years old. In addition, the leaders of the teams were banned from football activities for 8 years, and the referees who controlled these matches were also suspended for 10 years. This is an appropriate punishment for such a revealing act.

According to Ngoc Lam (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)

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