Vietnam’s tourism has 6 pillar indexes in the world’s leading group

The WEF’s 2021 report assesses and ranks 117 economies on the basis of measuring 17 pillar indexes with 112 sub-indices, classified into 5 groups, including: (1) Operating environment; (2) Policies and conditions for tourism; (3) Infrastructure; (4) The driving force behind tourism demand and (5) The sustainability of tourism.

In general, the WEF report ranks Vietnam’s tourism at 52/117 of the world economy, up 8 places compared to 2019. This is the third highest increase in the world, after Indonesia (up 12 places). ranks) and Saudi Arabia (up 10 places).

In the WEF’s 2021 Rankings, in Southeast Asia, Thailand’s index dropped 1 place, the Philippines dropped 2 places and Malaysia dropped 9 places.

Vietnam's tourism has 6 pillar indexes into the world's leading group - Photo 1.

6 pillar indexes into the world’s leading group

Among 17 pillar indexes, Vietnam’s tourism has 6 indexes ranked in the leading group in the world (from 1 to 35), including: Price competitiveness, ranked 15; natural resources, rank 24; cultural resources, ranked 25th; aviation infrastructure, ranked 27th; non-recreational resources, rank 29; safety, security, rating 33.

This is a breakthrough progress of our country’s tourism compared to the assessment period in 2019 when Vietnam has only 3 indicators classified into this group (price competitiveness, natural resources and cultural resources).

Besides, Vietnam also has 7 pillar indexes ranked in the middle and high group of the world (from 36 to 70), which are: Business environment, ranked 42; human resources and labor market, ranked 49th; ground and port infrastructure, ranking 50; readiness level of information and communication technology, ranked 54th; socio-economic resilience, ranked 61st; pressure and impact of tourism demand, ranked 66; international openness, ranked 69.

Thus, out of 17 pillar indexes, Vietnam has 13 indexes that are classified from the middle to the top group in the world.

In which, the indexes that increased the most ranking were: Business environment increased by 30 places; human resources and labor market increased by 27 ranks; price competitiveness increased by 20 steps; safety and security increased by 16 steps; Ground infrastructure and ports increased by 15 steps.

These are the main driving forces that helped Vietnam increase 8 places compared to 2019, ranked in the 3 countries with the best improvement in the world.

However, besides the ranking indicators, Vietnam’s tourism still has a number of indicators that have declined, such as: The level of readiness in information and communication technology (down 2 places); tourism service infrastructure (down 1 level); priority level for the tourism industry (reduced by 3 levels); environmental sustainability (down 2 places).

Also in the WEF Report, the 4 lowest ranked indicators of Vietnam’s tourism are: Health and hygiene, ranked 73rd; tourism service infrastructure, ranked 86th; priority for the tourism industry, ranked 87th; environmental sustainability, ranked 94.

Source: Vietnam National Administration of Tourism

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