VNPT won 5 gold awards at the world information technology awards

Among the gold prizes, there are 2 prizes for social security management software (VNPT Social Security) and payment platform (Payment Platform) integrated in many online public services. These are two special gold awards in the category of fighting and reducing the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Social security management software (VNPT Social Security) pioneers in the field of government to serve people in the digital environment when meeting the management and administration requirements of the Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs sector: Solving social security policies for people, simplifying administrative procedures and citizenship papers; Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of state management, renovate the organization and step up the provision of social security services; Support people/employees and employers in looking up policies on social security, labor market and employment. VNPT Social Security has supported the implementation of payment of social security policies for people affected by COVID-19 according to their ID/CCCD. The solution also helps localities to monitor citizens returning from epidemic areas to take measures to support people in a timely manner; Implement labor and employment policies (such as unemployment insurance, assistance in finding new jobs) for workers who are unemployed or facing difficulties due to the impact of the epidemic.

Besides 2 gold awards related to online public services, VNPT also has 3 gold awards for business support solutions including “made in Vietnam” online meeting solution VNPT Gomeet, Enterprise Management Software. One Business and the enrollment system vnEdu Enrollment.

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VNPT employees introduce solutions to support businesses

OneBusiness solution is a total solution for small and medium enterprises with full features such as: human resource management, customer management, task management, internal communication. More than a software, OneBusiness is an online working environment where each member of the company is provided with a full range of tools and resources for work.

VNPT GoMeet is the leading cloud-based online meeting service in Vietnam serving a wide range of audiences and sizes: from organizations and businesses to education, healthcare management and even government, ministries and sectors. local. As Vietnam’s only “Made in Vietnam” online meeting product, VNPT GoMeet was developed by VNPT and mastered core technology, scalability and flexible deployment. Products are specifically designed with the needs of Vietnamese people for each specific field, which foreign products do not meet.

vnEdu Enrollment is an entry-level enrollment system built by VNPT in order to computerize the process of submitting and receiving entry-level enrollment documents of schools, assisting schools and educational institutions in managing records, providing data related to enrollment easily and quickly.

vnEdu Enrollment is applied the most advanced SaaS cloud computing model today, with just a few mouse clicks, the school can easily create a separate site for its enrollment process without having to invest in the enrollment process. server infrastructure, network equipment or operating personnel.

In addition to 5 gold awards, VNPT’s other products are also highly appreciated by international experts with 4 silver prizes including VNPT eContract in the CRM category, Payment Platform in the SPDV category for government, and VNPT Home & Clinic in the category. The category of SPDV for healthcare, vnCare and 3 bronze prizes belonged to vnEdu-ERMS Education Management Profile, VNPT Smart Voice smart voice solution and vnFace face recognition application.

This is the third year in a row that VNPT has participated in the world information technology award. Because this is one of the most prestigious awards in the world, attracting the participation of many large enterprises and information technology corporations in Vietnam and internationally. The event is like an annual activity so that businesses and corporations can affirm the quality of digital technology products and services with foreign partners.

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VNPT won 5 gold awards at the world information technology awards - Photo 2.


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