Valve says Steam Deck is on track to ship at the end of February

According to the latest information from Valve, its Steam Deck handheld game console will get rid of the delay and reach users by the end of February. According to The Verge, previously in November, Valve announced a launch delay that made the Steam Deck fan community wait for another 2 months. And the latest 2022 … Read more

Monolith is developing a game about Wonder Woman

Monolith announced at The Game Awards 2021 that they are working on a Wonder Woman game. According to The Verge, Wonder Woman will star in her own game developed by Monolith Productions, the studio known for titles like Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Middle-earth: Shadow of War. The new game was announced at The Game … Read more

GTA Online’s next big update will add new music by Dr. Dre

GTA Online’s next big update brings Franklin back and adds Dr. Dre. According to The Verge, Rockstar Games is releasing new story content for GTA Online there is Franklin Clinton, one of the important figures of GTA 5. Instead of releasing standalone single-player expansions, the company is bringing the new story missions into online mode … Read more

Epic appreciates and acquires studio Harmonix

Studio Harmonix will work on Fortnite while continuing to support its existing games. According to The Verge, the developer Fortnite, Epic Games has announced its latest acquisition of Harmonix, the studio behind popular music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Epic Games acquires studio Harmonix Epic In a blog post, Harmonix said that support … Read more

Nintendo is taking criticism of the Switch’s N64 emulator very seriously

The Japanese game company says that taking the criticism seriously will help its service improve. According to VCG, the president of Nintendo of America said the company is taking criticisms of the Switch Online service’s N64 emulator “very seriously” and stated that it is working to find ways to improve the service. Speaking to The … Read more

Take-Two spent $53 million on an unpublished game

Take-Two spent $53 million on a canceled, even unannounced game. According to The Verge, in Take-Two Interactive’s most recent earnings report, it was reported that the company had to spend $53 million on an unannounced game that was canceled. Take-Two spent $53 million on a canceled game Take-Two said in a press release: “Costs include … Read more

Nintendo says next ‘gaming system’ will release in 20XX

Nintendo is talking about a future vision for its console generations after the launch of the OLED Switch, but it’s rather vague. According to The Verge, Nintendo Switch with OLED screen has been out for less than a month, but the company has just continued to talk about its successor, but information about the device … Read more

Valve says it will support Steam Deck with BattlEye anti-cheat system

The company says the Steam Deck’s Proton compatibility layer already works with the BattlEye system. According to The Verge, it was initially speculated that Valve’s upcoming $400 Steam Deck handheld would not be able to play every game on Steam perfectly. Since it has to run Windows games on Linux using the Proton compatibility layer, … Read more

Discord community worried because NFT rumors appeared on the platform

Much speculation has raised whether Discord plans to get its hands on the hot NFT market? According to The Verge, after images of a Discord survey asking about users’ thoughts on NFT went viral, the social network was stirred up as people speculated whether Discord was the latest entrant. in the NFT race full of … Read more