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I only do 1 thing that I CANCER immediately

Procrastination, procrastination is a “disease” that many children suffer from, especially for students in elementary and middle school age. Parents should always encourage their children to complete work. This makes both parents and children feel unhappy and uncomfortable.

So how can you get your child disciplined and quickly finish school and other things? Please see how to educate young men and women in China in the story below.

A clip that has attracted more than 8.5 million views records the activities of the father and son. While the father took the car out, waiting to drop his daughter off to school, the little girl was still walking at a slow pace. Or another scene is a girl eating breakfast lazily, with no energy. Even though Dad stood beside him and left a large clock on the table, implicitly announcing that he would be late for school. But he didn’t seem to care, still slowly scooping out a spoonful of rice.

He was always in a state of lethargy and tired every morning.

The father watched in disdain as his son took things slowly.

Before his son’s movement, the father was very calm, not pushing or getting angry or scolding. At this point, a lot of people watching the clip are impatient, not understanding how to get their kids to act fast without screaming?

The next morning, the father imitated his daughter’s gentle actions. The father sat at the dining table, took each small grain of rice, indifferent attitude. His daughter constantly looked at the clock and then urged her father to eat quickly, but his father didn’t care. At this time, the girl was crying for fear of being late for school and being criticized by her teacher in front of the class.

The online community is full of praise for the way young fathers raise their children because they don’t have to talk, scold or pressure him to change their children. A lot of people refer to this as a “break his back” measure. Maybe that day, he would be late for school, but this was a life lesson that would help him not to be slow next time.

Not scolding, but the princess soon became free from procrastination.

6 ways to help your child get rid of procrastination

1. Show your child the consequences of procrastination

When you see your child showing signs of scurvy, parents should show them some of the consequences like: unfinished homework, late for class, being criticized by him, etc. But don’t criticize or talk too much, let me accept some of the consequences for feeling embarrassed and disappointed. Only then will I be aware of the dangers and quickly overcome them.

2. Help your child manage time effectively

The best way to help your child get rid of procrastination and procrastination is to master the time. Parents need to work with their children to create a schedule that makes sense, balancing study and entertainment. Focus on prioritizing schoolwork, but still make sure your child has time to relax at the end of the day.

On weekends, parents should set aside time for work and spend time with their children to do some outside activities such as: Going to the bookstore, going to the park, etc. Thus, the child will be relaxed and aware of the work. Effective time management. In addition, when there is a detailed schedule, the child will be disciplined and active in the plans and goals set. From there, form positive habits in life.

Interesting story 8.5 million views young dad: Just doing 1 JOB turns the child 180 degrees, CLEANING immediately: Other parents coming to learn soon!  - Photo 4.

Illustration photo.

3. Start doing things that interest your child

Parents should focus on the things their kids really enjoy and start encouraging them to focus on those things. It helps create joy and comfort for children, helps solve problems quickly and effectively. At the same time, create positive work habits for your child to do well even the less exciting jobs.

4. Smart reminder

When children are not fully self-aware, parents can help them by offering gentle and gentle advice and reminders. Instead of saying: “You have to do this and that” Parents should tell their children: “You should have done this by now!” Or you can use a funny joke to remind your child to remember their work.

5. Make a plan to solve the overwhelming difficulty

For things that are difficult, hopeless, and don’t want to be done again by children, parents must first tell children that it is their responsibility to solve them. Furthermore, parents should work with their children to organize and allocate work to be done. List your problems and find ways to solve them. Lastly, parents should encourage and encourage their children to take action step by step, trying to get the job done well.

6. Give rewards when your child excels

Every child’s vision is not broad enough, not yet able to see things deeply, but only interested in what he sees in front of him. Therefore, when children succeed in small things, parents should recognize and give praise to motivate them to continue doing their good work. When it gives them encouragement and encouragement, they will see their efforts as something worthwhile and make more of the effort. work

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