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The male star recounts his pain watching his sister almost being humiliated in the movie

Friday, 11/03/2022 18:00 WIB (GMT+7)

Taking on the male lead for the first time, Thanh Khon avoids anxiety.

Thanh Khon’s sexy boy takes on the male lead for the first time in a TV series After a minute of passion. Previously, the audience had known this handsome face through films from modern to historical.

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Thanh Khon panas hot boy

Thanh Khon plays Thien Tam, a cheerful boy who loves life, but after an accident that requires a blood transfusion, the boy accidentally discovers that he is the son of Hoang Phong – a close friend of Mr. Thien Nhan. Because of that incident, his parents quarreled, fought, caused his mother to die by banging her head against the edge of the table, so that her father also had to go to jail and then commit suicide.

Thien Tam knew the story, so he held a grudge against Hoang Phong even though he knew he was his father. For some time, Hoang Phong was also the mastermind of the plot to harm Nhu Phuc (Sister Thien Tam), deepening this hatred.

When Thien Tam went to college, although he had to do all kinds of work to earn a living and earn a living, from time to time he was harmed by others. After that, he went to study his favorite profession and became a wood carver with a passion to return to take revenge on Hoang Phong – who harmed his parents and sister.

Male star recounts his pain watching his sister nearly be humiliated in film - 3

Thanh Khon takes on the male lead for the first time in a TV series

Sharing about his first leading role, Thanh Khon said he was both excited and stressed when the film was about to premiere. Although he had participated in many roles from protagonist to villain, this was the first leading role in his career, so he was worried that he would not be able to conquer the audience.

“There are two segments that Thanh Khon likes the most, which is when he visits Sister Nhu Phuc after she is nearly raped. At that time, Ms. Phuc is eating at home with Little Ut and Thien Tam for a visit. Thien Tam outside the gate looked at the house and saw that Ms. Phuc is soulless but tries to act normal to make Ut feel safe. The feeling that the character at that time must have been very helpless, very painful and very angry. To represent this segment, Thanh Khon reads and analyzes many psychological reactions to find a way to accurately portray the image of a brother who is heartbroken for his sister. The second segment that Thanh Khon likes is the part he performs with Cao Minh Dat, when Hoang Phong (Cao Minh Dat) finds out that Thien Tam is his son. All the hatred suppressed in Thien Tam’s body is waiting to be released, and Thanh Khon got into the character quite well thanks to the support of Mr. Cao Minh Dat” – the actor recounted the impressive scene images during the recording.

Male star talks about the pain of watching their sister get almost humiliated in film - 4

Cao Minh Dat plays the villain in the film

Hot boy thanks his colleagues and especially director Minh Cao. This film was filmed before the quarantine period and had to stop for 5 months before returning after the Covid-19 outbreak. During the epidemic lull, Thanh Khon and director Minh Cao often called Facetime to discuss and review scripts.

In addition, the senior colleague Thanh Khon mentioned was Cao Minh Dat. He shared: “Apart from the director and assistant director, Cao Minh Dat was probably the person who supported Thanh Khon the most. There is a part where Mr Hoang Phong (Cao Minh Dat) is about to die and wants to hear the word “three” from Thien Tam’s own mouth, but Thanh Khon has a hard time when he doesn’t know how to express it. segment. It took quite a while and Mr. Dat shared and analyzed personally with Thanh Khon about the psychology of the characters so that Khon could finish the scene well.

This is also Thanh Khon’s first film working with senior Oanh Kieu. He said every scene he played was very interesting. This coworker’s older sister has experience in acting, studied characters in depth, read scripts in detail, and was very cute in real life, so she was very impressed when acting together.

After a minute of passion is a humanistic film about the truth “another heart equals three talent words”. This film carries a meaningful message: Because of ambition, sometimes people become cruel, regardless of tricks, trampling on intimacy to pursue self-interest, and the only thing that helps us conquer the temptation of ambition is Thien Tam – Live with an honest heart. The film will be broadcast at 19:45 from March 11, 2022 on the Vietnam Cinema channel SCTV14.

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