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All day scolding my eldest son, my mother choked reading your letter

Children are love, the most beautiful thing for all fathers and mothers in this world. However, sometimes out of exhaustion, for a living, for various reasons, adults inadvertently hurt their children with actions or scolding. These things in the long run will greatly affect the personality and thinking of children in the future.

When children are young, they are very obedient and listen to their parents. However, when entering the age of 3, 4, age crisis or puberty, there will be times when children change their personalities, argue with their parents, even do things that make adults angry. Especially when the child has more siblings, discrimination between the two children will cause jealousy and discomfort in the older child.

When a family welcomes a new member, it is natural to nurture, care for, and spend more time with the baby. However, if they don’t know how to balance, older children will feel hurt, and they will “win” the most valuable thing in life, which is their parents. Since then, there have been protests against his parents.

Recently, on social networks, parents constantly shared notes recording the confession of the girl when she saw that her mother was too spoiled and left her. The full text of the princess’s letter is as follows: Mommy hates me so much, I didn’t do that before, I just love my brother, what is the meaning of living in this world?“.

Feeling that the child was too much of a hassle, so she scolded him all day long, her heart skipped a beat as she read each line of his confession through a small piece of paper - Photo 1.

The secret line only had a few words but contained a lot of sadness from this 2nd grade girl.

According to research, the mother in the story has an eldest daughter in grade 2 and a youngest son who is only a few months old. Ever since the baby boy was born, the family was filled with laughter every day because of the new member. However, because she is busy taking care of her youngest child, the mother accidentally leaves her eldest daughter who needs love and attention.

This mother thinks because her child is grown, she doesn’t need to be taken care of anymore, what needs to be taken care of now is her newborn baby. That’s why my mother scolds her daughter every day for the smallest things, when she sings loudly, when she screams, when she plays to wake her up, she gets scolded again. Even when the girl asked to sleep with him, the mother refused to agree and threw her out.

Day by day, the girl felt hurt and sad because of her mother’s favoritism, thinking that because of her appearance, her mother’s feelings for her had changed. His mother no longer loved him like before and this made him very sad and sad. Babies gradually become introverted, afraid to confide in adults and no longer bother the mother to attract attention like they used to.

Feeling that the child was too troublesome to grow up, so he scolded him all day long, his heart clenched as he read each line of his confession through a small piece of paper - Photo 2.

Don’t discriminate against your children. Illustration.

Seeing her son’s sudden change, the mother was a little nervous and worried. Coincidentally, he went to his son’s room and read the note above. Each line made the mother’s heart ache, blaming herself for her thoughts and actions with her daughter, feeling tortured and regretful for her own actions.

And also lucky he found it in time before things went too far. This mother immediately changed the way she treated her child. She spends time balancing between her two children, asking her grandparents and husband to look after their young children to spend time with their eldest daughter. He was no longer angry or resentful, but always gentle and loving towards his daughter. Gradually, the baby no longer hates his mother, hates her, his personality also becomes softer and gentler.

Through the story above, we can realize that life circumstances greatly determine a child’s character, being loved and treated fairly by parents will help children grow up happily and carefree. On the other hand, when a child experiences injustice and injury in his own family, then gradually the child will deviate in the wrong direction, lack self-confidence, no longer care about other people or the love of the family.

In fact, not only the parents mentioned above, but also many other parents who still favor their children or compare their children’s strengths and weaknesses with their siblings. Parenting is a process, not easy, not day 1, day 2 can learn the art of “balance”.

Children are always the pride and happiness of the whole family, especially the way parents treat their children will greatly determine their character and future. Parents need to pay special attention, do not discriminate between children, raise both children equally and should not compare their children. Ven-25

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