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“58 years of my life, that’s when I realized I was completely devastated”

Recently, in the latest interview with USA Today, broadcast on March 13, Melinda Gates opened up about her own crisis when she was faced with the decision to divorce her husband of 27 years, which shocked the world. around the world 1 year ago. In fact, Melinda’s inner world itself had at times completely collapsed.

She said that the moment she realized she needed to step out of that marriage, ending 27 years of family and home life with three children together – was the “most devastating moment” in her life. “We’ve all had our downfalls. But arguably, for me, it’s certainly been the worst moment of my life in more than 50 years when I made the decision to leave this marriage.

The pain at that time was definitely not in my mind when I got married. But it took me a long time to finally realize that I needed a right and healthier choice, and it was a very, very sad day,” said Melinda about the process of choosing to divorce her married husband. bundle of 27 years.

Bill Gates' ex-wife shares the ultimate pain that only anyone who has ever been in love can understand:

Previously, in an interview with CBS broadcast on March 3, the ex-wife of billionaire Bill Gates also made many people sympathize when describing the excruciatingly painful emotions that she had to go through before overcoming them. be big crash. “I cried for days. There were days when I literally just lay on the floor and cried and thought, ‘Why is it like this? How am I supposed to live?

“I’m a forgiving person, I thought we’d make it through. There’s no certain moment or event of crisis. At some point, I realize I’ve had enough, I don’t feel good and I can’t believe in this marriage anymore,” Melinda said.

27 years of quiet companionship, willingness to accept many mistakes and collect love every day, these are the things that Mrs. Melinda has worked hard to maintain a marriage that will last forever. But it also took 27 years of that unconditional love, before she painfully realized that Bill Gates was not the person for her.

At the age of 58, when they have spent more than half their lives together, going through many ups and downs of life together, choosing to break it all by themselves represents nothing but the dull pain that Melinda has to endure. in a marriage of nearly 3 decades – in which there were moments of happiness that made her dream of the two words “forever”. After all, Mrs. Melinda really bet too much faith on Bill Gates!

Bill Gates' ex-wife shares the ultimate pain that only anyone who has ever loved too much can understand:

However, when sitting back after nearly a year after the divorce, Melinda French Gates chose to confront and speak her heart out, and at the same time showed healing. The philanthropist said that after her divorce, she met people who made her feel “reliable” when she was around.

“I like to be around people with good intentions and like-minded people who care about others. They’re the group of people I can trust when I’m around, can pick up the phone while crying and ask them out. They’re there on my happy and saddest days and vice versa. I’m there when they need me too. Without those people, without friends and a few colleagues, I don’t know how I would have gotten through. How to get through the most difficult days, especially in the last few years,” she said.

Bill and Melinda Gates are said to have completed the divorce proceedings in August 2021 and divided the property worth about $130 billion, and Melinda still keeps her ex-husband’s last name. Since all 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy, are over 18 years old, so the couple has no problem fighting custody of the children.

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